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For Career Guidance, Follow the Angels As a twenty-something about to get a University degree, I should have been mapping out a career. I should have been attending career fairs where employers woo prospects with salaries, benefits, and perks. Why wasn't I? Because an angel told me not to do so.

I didn't know it was an angel at the time, but I did have the intuition: "You don't need to do that." A little while later I learned that angels are God's thoughts coming to us, and I remarked to myself, "So that's what that was!"

My consequent non-career was a tapestry of beautiful threads that seemed unrelated: voluntary work in a project linking disabled seniors and able-bodied kids; working with my brother on film and video projects; travel in the UK and Europe; working with nurses who care for people using spirituality for healing.

I trusted the angels. They assured me God is totally in control and guiding me to what is best for me to do.

This was also a period of continued spiritual self-education through deeper study of Science and Health. There I came to the realization that those spiritual intuitions, angels, are always at hand, and I learned how to become more receptive to their guidance.

I also loved writing -- journals, letters, song lyrics. I even had a handful of articles published. When someone asked me what I would really like to do, I replied, "I would love to earn my living writing letters." The person I was talking to was dubious about that, and I didn't at the time have a clue how I could make that happen. I just knew that's what I'd like to do.

A little while later I got a job doing just that! My position was to write letters on behalf of an organization promoting ideals I believe in. That led to an evolving role within the organization, that could certainly be called a career, but not one I had planned on. It does, however, use skills developed along my "non-career" path.

I trusted the angels. They assured me God is totally in control and guiding me to what is best for me to do. And I feel my work experience is proving that true

� Tony Lobl as seen on www.spirituality.com
used by permission www.spirituality.com