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Prayer to Center

    I shall not:
              -Eat emotionally
              -Spend compulsively
              -Work harder
              -Seek conflict
      in order to feel better,
        feel more alive,
          avoid myself,
            or punish myself.
    I detach from everything
      and accept what is,
        without judgment.
    I love and honor myself,
      as I love and honor God,
        for we are One.
    I vigilantly protect
      my creative connection to God,
        my Source.

    And so it is...

    � Pamela Morong

    Pamela Morong has worked in the
    human resource field for many years.
    She studies recovery, metaphysics,
    spirituality, creativity, and mythology,
    and has published many articles and poems
    on spirituality and nature.
    She lives in the Midwest.