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Banking On Prayers
Randy Peyser

This past week I went to the bank, but made the mistake of going during the lunch hour. A long line of irritated customers stood impatiently waiting as the only available teller handled what was, of course, a long-winded, complicated transaction with one individual.

After what seemed like forever, another teller emerged from the back of the bank. She was a young woman, probably in her twenties. Her eyes looked dull and lifeless. She looked incredibly sad, (or bored), as she said, "Next..." to each customer, never once looking up at anyone.

I wanted to do something to brighten her day. So I said a prayer and "sent" her love.

About three or four people later, it was finally my turn. I walked up to this teller and gave her a big, bright smile. I said, "Hi," in a friendly, upbeat voice. I was filled with life and energy and that big smile..and I flashed it all at her...for her.

An amazing thing happened...she immediately looked up. Her whole face brightened. She smiled back at me and started talking to me...making small conversation, just being friendly...being human again.

As I left, she called out after me..."Have a GREAT day!"

She was smiling...there was life in her eyes.

What had started out as a trip to the bank became another lesson in the power of loving and reaching out!

@2001 Randy Peyser, Writer, Editor, Interviewer. Randy does interviews for famous folks around the world. If you know any one who is interested in her editorials of the folks she knows and met please let me know... Mary Ellen, ANGELscribe.com
Randy Peyser