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Handling Disappointments after Life Throws You a Curve

    Have you ever had a long-term hope that something would happen in your favor and then realize that it never will? Life must go on. How long we dwell on the disappointment, and how we react can make all the difference.

    For me, a recent disappointment came as a major setback. My husband, Mark and I, lost a four year lawsuit that we filed after my spinal cord injury. We felt someone should be legally responsible for the tree that fell on me while I was riding my bicycle. One final letter from the Ohio Supreme Court declared the case was permanently over. Our hopes were shattered after reading this letter. Much of our financial future hinged upon the outcome of the court�s decision. This was a major life letdown.

    After reading the letter, we knew what we needed to do. Rebound. We did not dwell on the disappointment, but made plans for our happier future.

    The next day, I spoke to Mark, about moving on with our plans to build a new home. We have tolerated our current living conditions for six years. Our two story house is not accessible to me in my wheelchair. We have been building a file of our �dream home� and decided to call our realtor, prospective builders, and interior designer. Then we started driving to building sites, inspecting communities and vacant lots, and reading books on home designs.

    Perhaps Mark and I were ready to move on with our lives so quickly because we have handled setbacks with our lawsuit all along the way in the appeal process. Our lawyers cautioned us when they took our case that it would be a fight. We mentally prepared ourselves for the disappointment, expecting that losing could be a possibility. Life is full of letdowns and misfortunes. We must endure them when they come.

    I am much more resilient than I used to be. My recovery experience from a spinal cord injury has taught me much about pumping myself back up after the world has let me down. After a setback, I now chose to go with �Plan B� and make whatever arrangements are needed and take action toward a new goal. Dwelling on things that I have no control over, feeling melancholy and having a pity party seem pointless. There is only so much energy I chose to spend on feeling sad. It makes more sense to use my energy to make positive things happen for me.

    When life throws us the smallest curve, we need not be so vulnerable and cave in to despair. There will be times when all of our plans, hopes and aspirations do not become our reality. Don�t stay stuck in a state of hopelessness. Funnel your thoughts towards the life you desire. Learn from the experience that brought the disappointment to your life and focus on ways to change your life to avoid disasters in your future.

    � Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

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