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Getting More Out of Life

    As we live our lives from year to year, we reflect upon where we are in life and where we wish we could be. Time for reflection brings us personal insights and answers to help us achieve goals and take charge of our lives.

    We examine segments of our lives including our career, relationships with our loved ones and friends, finances, health, personal growth, fun and recreation, and our physical environment. Sometimes examination shows us that our lives are out of balance. We identify the segments that are deficient and try to reconnect with our values and priorities.

    We have a right to want more out of life � more happiness, prosperity and success. To get more out of life, we need to focus on looking for opportunities. As we see opportunities, we need to have courage, inner strength, commitment, passion, and conviction to move forward. Sometimes it takes one little step in the right direction.

    Little steps have made a big difference in my life. After my spinal cord injury, I learned how to walk again using braces and a walker. The first step was a milestone!

    As I live my life, I refer to the five core lessons that I learned early in my recovery period. Throughout these past six years, these lessons have helped me to live life with conviction.

    1. Do something new every day.

    Each morning, think about what you have planned for the day and make a point to do something new. As your day progresses, try new things, learn new skills, explore new places, meet new people.

    2. Focus on a hopeful future, not on self-pity.

    Channel your thoughts to a future time in your life when your challenges are over, and happiness is restored. Limit the time you feel sorry for yourself.

    3. Believe that the impossible just might be possible.

    You may be screening what is really possible for you to achieve in life. You have far more intellect, creativity, energy, and talent than you are giving yourself credit for.

    4. Allow more time to get things done and be patient with yourself.

    Patience is the true acceptance of the way things are for now. Slow down and stop frustrating yourself.

    5. To lower your stress, lower your expectations of other people.

    As you ask other people to do things for you, be aware of how much you have asked them to do. Be realistic about your expectations considering the time frame that you have given them.

    Integrating these five lessons into your life may be difficult. Habits may need to be changed and perspectives altered. You may feel uncomfortable and struggle as you modify your thinking and push yourself farther than you ever dared to go. If you really want more out of life, you really need to put more effort into life.

    � Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

    Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. is a speaker and writer. To book her to speak at a conference, or to subscribe to her free monthly inspirational column, go to: Rosemarie Speaks

    Rosemarie conducts presentations that bring out the best in people, to help them achieve goals, and take charge of their lives. Rosemarie helps her audiences discover their inner strength. Her core message is focused on sharing information, strategies, and life lessons that provide the tools to LIVE LIFE WITH CONVICTION.

    She is the author of �Take Back Your Life!� and is Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2004.

    Rosemarie would like to receive your comments about the impact her article has made on your life. Write her at: Rosemarie@RosemarieSpeaks.com