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Looking at the World through Yellow Colored Glasses

    �What color lens should I put in my glasses today?" I asked my husband as I prepared to ride my bicycle. The day was overcast and I had a set of four lenses to choose from to put in my sunglass frame: clear, grey, vermilion, and yellow.

    I selected the yellow lenses and popped them into my sunglass frame. Suddenly the world looked brighter! My eyes began adjusting to this changed perspective and I started blinking. After a few minutes, I became accustomed to this high contrast view.

    While riding, we came across a yard with large clusters of yellow daffodils in full bloom. "Look at those beautiful flowers! Aren't they gorgeous?" Mark acknowledged my comment, but when he viewed that same cluster of daffodils, he saw them from a different perspective. He was not wearing yellow lens sunglasses.

    The lenses in my sunglasses intensified the yellow in the daffodils. In fact, the entire neighborhood looked different when seen through yellow lenses. The overcast skies were brighter, and "my world� came into sharper view.

    After an hour bicycle ride, we returned home. I took off my sunglasses and was immediately shocked by my new perspective. The sky resumed its grey cast. The daffodils in my yard seemed less intensely colored. I felt less cheerful. I wanted to put the glasses back on for the rest of the day.

    Since I was heading inside the house, I left the sunglasses with my bicycle. Once inside, I put on my reading glasses and sat in front of the computer. Once again, glasses changed my perspective, allowing the words on the computer screen to come into clear focus.

    Our perspectives can be changed quickly by putting on a pair of glasses. As I thought about this, I realized that people too often see their world as grey or bleak.

    Oftentimes, one negative incident in our day overshadows all the positive things going on in our lives. We then focus on that negative incident too long, and feel depressed throughout the day.

    If we look at our life situation from a brighter perspective, by figuratively placing a yellow lens over our mind�s eye, we may see things differently. Our attitude is directly related to our performance. By changing our mindset we put ourselves in a positive frame of mind.

    � Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

    Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. is a speaker and writer. To book her to speak at a conference, or to subscribe to her free monthly inspirational column, go to: Rosemarie Speaks

    Rosemarie conducts presentations that bring out the best in people, to help them achieve goals, and take charge of their lives. Rosemarie helps her audiences discover their inner strength. Her core message is focused on sharing information, strategies, and life lessons that provide the tools to LIVE LIFE WITH CONVICTION.

    She is the author of �Take Back Your Life!� and is Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2004.

    Rosemarie would like to receive your comments about the impact her article has made on your life. Write her at: Rosemarie@RosemarieSpeaks.com