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The Spirit of Giving

    Give without remembering. Receive without ever forgetting.
    Nido Qubein, Past President, National Speakers Association

    Sometimes when a person is speaking, a phrase resonates in your mind and goes to your heart. This was the case last spring while I watched Nido Qubein deliver a presentation about his philosophy of giving. His idea captivated the entire audience and as he repeated the core idea, people in the audience took notes. Give because you want to support a good cause. Our philanthropic actions need not be motivated by a need to give back, or return a favor, but rather should be stimulated because we want to invest in that cause.

    He used the analogy of loving another person. We do not love them to give love back to them, we reach out and love them, unconditionally. We freely give our love because we want to express how we feel.

    Last month, I had an opportunity to speak for North Carolina State University at a donor recognition gala. In my keynote, I shared Nido Qubein�s philosophy of giving.

    I had a chance to interview some of the donors and scholarship recipients before my presentation. I asked the donors why they had started their scholarships. Many indicated that the scholarship was in memory of a loved one, and the money was made available through their estate. Many of the donors were represented by their adult children. One daughter indicated that her father wanted to support students in college so that they wouldn�t have to work several jobs while in school.

    A person need not wait to establish a fund for a noteworthy cause. Charitable contributions of all sizes can be contributed. The joy of living can be enhanced by the joy of giving. If joy could be measured, the scales would be tipped in favor of giving. There's great satisfaction in knowing that others can use what we have given them, and that other�s lives will be positively impacted because of our generosity. Two years ago I started a fund for spinal cord injury research at The Ohio State University. I have a spinal cord injury and want to help find a cure for the two million people in the world with this injury. The fund was easy to start. All it took was one phone call to the chairperson in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The university had an established foundation and my fund was initiated with my first donation of $500. I acquired this money after one of my presentations, from an insurance company who instructed me to donate it to a research effort.

    I am energized by seeing this fund grow. My efforts attract considerable donations and interest to this cause. Because I started this fund during my lifetime, chances are better that the fund will grow faster and the research dollars will be available to fund significant investigations even beyond my lifetime. I want to make a difference in the world, and am eager to see positive results. I have the ability to contribute my ideas and time to see this fund grow.

    A person need not be wealthy in order to give. Money is just one resource that we can contribute to our worthy causes. Our other equally valuable resources include our time as a volunteer and our creative ideas. Pick your favorite organization or cause and schedule time to make a visit to explore volunteer opportunities. See if they are in need of your skills and abilities and offer to help.

    Each of us has a humanitarian cause we believe in. If someone gave you a check and instructed you to donate it to a worthy cause, where would you send it? Align yourself with a cause. Because of your generosity, you can volunteer time, and fund charitable causes you believe in. Inventory the abundance in your life, be it time or money, and share your resources with others. Begin to experience the joy that giving provides.

    Information about the Rosemarie Rossetti Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund can be found at: Research Fund

    � Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

    Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. is a speaker and writer. To book her to speak at a conference, or to subscribe to her free monthly inspirational column, go to: RosemarieSpeaks.com

    Rosemarie works with organizations and corporations that want to bring out the best in their people, and she demonstrates how to live life with conviction. She is the author of Take Back Your Life!

    Rosemarie would like to receive your comments about the impact her article has made on your life. Write her at: Rosemarie@RosemarieSpeaks