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Cup of Life

As frustration pours into my cup

It begins to overflow from the constant rain

Splashing out as it hits

The stress, the discouragement, and woe

It brings turmoil; it brings pain

Over whelmed by the sheer weight

It reaches its breaking point

My cup slowly begins to leak

Here and there

It begins to crack under pressure

It begins to lose

Instead of pouring out this burden into God�s hand

I hold on to it with fear and with pride

Hold on to the pain, the suffering

My cup becomes heavier

My hand becomes weak

It hears the Lord�s plea

�Give me your burden, pour your cup out to me�

My cup tips over and slips out of my hand

Losing pieces of itself after the fall

The fragments of its life

Running down, spiraling down the drain

They are caught by the hands of God

As He separated each fragment

From the hurt and the pain

He handles each gently

Then like a potter with his clay

He begins to mend my broken pieces

Putting them back together again

With his love and his grace

He strengthens my cup with his tender mercies

As the new dawn takes over the place

He washes my cup whiter than snow

He removes my sins with his blood

With his power he restores my soul

With his love he made me whole

Then He begins to pour in his peace

That surpasses all understanding

He poured in his hope

He poured in his grace

He poured in faith

But when He poured in his Holy Spirit

My cup was transformed

Then he took my cup and placed it in his right hand

Holding it so gently, delicately, with love

With his right hand he protects

My cup from the elements

From the wind and from the rain

From the pain and the suffering

Daily He allows me to take my cup back

And once again frustration flows in

But this time my cup is a little stronger to with stand

The pressures that life has to give

But when I pray all that weight just goes away

And once again my cup is renewed

When my cup tips over and fall

On Christ Jesus I call

My heavenly Father catches all

Because He already paid the price for its life

So He fills my cup with his Holy Spirit

Until it overflows again and again

Oh , what a price He paid

that I can never repay

My cup forever saved by God's everlasting love.

� 2003 Rose R. Coleman