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Building Your Net Worth Through Friendships When times have been tough, what is the most critical outside influence that has helped you to rebound? It has been my experience that my support system, composed of family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors have been the most influential in getting me back on my feet again.

The strength and scope of our relationships with others is a critical factor in rebounding from a crisis. Supportive people in our lives provide us encouragement, guidance, lend a shoulder to cry on and most of all, and give us their love. They are there to coach us, celebrate our victories, laugh with us, play with us, back us financially, cheer us onward, boost our morale, and share our dreams.

How can we insure that these supporting people will be there for us? How do we acquire these people into our lives? How can we build our support structure of key people?

It is obvious that we are born into a family and many marry into someone�s family. We acquire friends through many avenues including: schools, neighborhoods, churches, business, social clubs, and introductions made by other friends. Colleagues are fellow workers and those in our professional organizations. Neighbors live in the surrounding area.

As we select our spouses or life partners, we must think about the likelihood of living through a crisis with this person. There are sure to be many trying times. That person�s love, support and encouragement will be critical in the recovery process. The love shared between you and your partner must be intense and unyielding. The partner must be willing to make extreme sacrifices on your behalf and dedicate their life to your recovery.

In many families, oftentimes conflicts arise and relationships are severed. Sometimes we are too stubborn to forgive other family members for what we perceive are unkind deeds or words that upset us. Over time, resentments set in and it becomes more difficult to open up the lines of communication in order to resolve differences and conflicts. Sometimes a crisis brings family members back together. We sometimes waiver in and out of love with our family members, but when we need them the most, we think of them first.

It is wiser to resolve family conflicts early so that resentments do not have a chance to settle in. Open the lines of communication. Share your feelings. Give in for the sake of the relationship. Share your need for their unconditional love and support.

When I think of my investments, I think of assets in the bank. I also think of my friends. Like a savings account, my bank of friends is a value to me both now and in the future. Friends are a part of my net worth. I must remember to make regular deposits into my bank of friends by way of contacting them and nurturing our friendships. When they need me, I must be there for them. When they have a celebration, I must celebrate too. We need to support our friends over time and strengthen the bonds.

As we want our assets to grow, so should we want to increase the number of friends in our lives. Meet new people. Share like interests and spend time with them. Communicate with them on a regular basis and get to know some of their friends too.

The song, That�s What Friends Are For by Dionne Warwick reminds us about the value of friends.

Keep smiling, keep shining,
Knowing you can always count on me,
For sure, that�s what friends are for,
For good times, and bad times,
I`ll be on your side forevermore,
That�s what friends are for.

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