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Spring's Wisdom

    As the seasons transform in their infinitely perfect way, the heavy, stagnant and often harsh energy of winter fades as the vibrant, gentle energy of spring emerges. Gradually one replaces the other. It is nature performing a ballet.

    Spring is a time of rejuvenation and renewal. Vitality fills the air! More than any other season, spring has an energy that seems designed to lift our spirits. It is the energy of the life force in full motion.

    When you witness it all around you in the opening buds and blossoms, the growing grass, the return of the birds, and even in the warm breezes, that same energy is activated in you. When you gasp in awe at the splendor of a row of blossoming trees, that gasp is that energy.

    But, it is not just the joy of beauty and new life that is uplifting. Nature holds deep wisdom. It shares it with us through the seasons. They are nature's voice.

    Across the street in the park there is a large maple tree. Watching it come into leaf one year gave me an appreciation of how much the wisdom of spring teaches us about healing and wellness.

    Like spring, healing is an awakening.

    Spring begins to manifest only when conditions in the environment are right. So it is with healing.

    Just like the unfolding of spring, healing happens slowly, gradually, in its own time, and at its own pace.

    I first noticed that the maple tree looked different because the branches were not as sleek as they had been throughout the winter. I realized they were covered in buds.

    A couple of days later the tree was tinted with a subtle green hue. The next day the colour was bolder. The next day I could see the substance of the leaves poking out from the buds. The next day, little round clumps of pale green began to take shape on the branches as the leaves unfurled even more.

    Two weeks later, the branches were covered with so much greenery they were almost completely hidden.

    At the end of each day, the tree looked the same as it had in the morning. I could see no difference. Yet, at the end of two weeks I could clearly see a huge difference. Although invisible to me in the space of a day, progress was constantly being made.

    From day to day it is difficult to see how your process of healing is moving forward. It is when you look back on the months and years that have gone by that you can see how far you have come.

    The new leaves on the maple are delicate and fragile at first. To become strong they need time to grow. They need the sustenance of the earth's nutrients. They need to be nurtured by the warm air, the sun and the rain.

    As healing begins to create changes within you and in the way you live your life, at first these changes are also delicate and fragile. You perhaps feel unsure about them. They become strong over time as you find ways to sustain and nurture them.

    Spring is a transformation of energy. Healing is a transformation of energy too. As the destructive energy associated with negative emotions is released, the life-enhancing energy of new, positive experiences flows in.

    My favorite lesson of spring is about power. The maple tree comes into leaf slowly. Its progress is so subtle and so gradual it happens imperceptibly.

    The process is exquisitely gentle. The new growth is fragile and vulnerable.

    Yet, in six weeks time I looked out at a magnificent tree, it's branches clothed with strong leaves that can withstand gale force winds.

    All that strength, brought into being by slow, subtle, gentle, gradual energy.

    The energy of spring. The energy of healing.

    The power of life.

    � Sally Scott, M.A., R.C.C.


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