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The Gift of Life in God Time

    One of the most soul-building, heart-filling things about the healing process happens when you know you've been elevated above the fog of discord and discontent. You know it because you feel it. You feel like a different person because you are a different person. You are JOYFUL! You notice you laugh a lot more than you used to. You smile. You feel energized! You forgive because you understand the wastefulness of clinging to things that can only do damage. You walk tall focused on growing your loving nature every chance you get. There is a bounce in the walk of life!

    But even MORE soul-building, even MORE heart-filling is looking back and really, really understanding God time. All those times you wondered how on earth you were going to get past the long sheet of grey. And all you had to do was look skyward AWAY from earth and say prayers.... and keep on trying of course, because you have to give God something to work with. When you look back and see that everything happened exactly as it was supposed to, that getting through the struggle had perfect timing, which was nothing like the timing you had in mind, then you understand God time. How freeing is that - Knowing God is there and that there is one way only He tells time. When the time is right. How much weight this lifts off... how much room this gives to heal. How absolutely boundless life becomes. What an amazing gift it is!

    � 2005, Sally Scott, M.A., R.C.C.


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