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    The Law of All That Is

    Chapter 3

    And God Said�

    The hypothesis of Samuel J Hunt, Pre-Physical Therapy and Dietetics student, Western Kentucky University,

    A method for the ability to understand that science has already proven:

  • that God exists and is a living personality,
  • that He Created all things
  • that the Genesis Cosmology is the most accurate record of our origin

    Scientifically speaking, of course.

    Nov. 1, 2005 � Samuel J Hunt, NLC

    The Hypothesis

    1) There are no real particles or matter in the universe. Although we can see substance, and observe certain aspects of their phenomenon, this does not allow us to understand Reality, and has lead to the untold deaths of millions, even at present, because we �create new substances� based on presently accepted science, and it is actually the disruptor of, and dissonant to Reality. This dissonance is the cause of all proliferation of �disease� and �death� in the universe.

    2) Reality is everlasting and eternal, and is comprised of harmonic wave patterns and their interactions. It is these interactions that give rise to what we see as substance and all matter in the universe. The understanding and ability to manipulate constructively, and the ability to understand and categorize certain wave patterns can lead to the development of true medicine and the end of all disease, death, and environmental destruction.

    3) All wave patterns within our universe are based on Sound. The understanding of this seemingly impossible phenomenon will be the turning point of Mankind�s destruction, to his healing and the establishment of Heaven on Earth.

    4) Sound is the beginning and initiator of everything that has pattern.

    5) Zero Point Energy is only an infinite amount of potential energy, until acted upon by another force.

    The logical and experimental proof of these points will lead to one question. Now that we have described all existence to one phenomenon, that of Sound, what made the first sound? There is only one explanation for this; someone had to make the initial Sound. That personality is God. After reading and understanding this hypothesis, although at my current level of understanding of laboratory experimentation and instrumentation I am not capable of carrying on experiments to prove this, there are those who do have the ability, and I am confident will be able to validate this hypothesis. Further this is not a battle of who�s right and who�s wrong. This is about understanding and the reconciliation of both Science and the science of Spirituality, commonly misnamed religion, neither of which am I a master.

    The Application

    In this paper I will prove that all matter in the universe is a symphony of sound based on waves, and that these waves can be mathematically constructed to produce a resultant, or Master wave sound. I will also attempt to show that sound carries an electric current and can produce a magnetic field. These various sounds that are the foundation of all matter and interaction in the universe can be classified and sorted into a sound spectrum similar to the electromagnet spectrum of light. This sound spectrum is the alphabet God used during creation of all things. We to should be able to use this spectrum in the same manner that God did in conjunction with the ZPE field and the electromagnetic spectrum to create material objects. The only unknown variable is time. This is one factor that I will show is nonexistent not only to God, but also to sound and light across the ZPE field; but is very real to us. The limitations to our ability to create objects is that we would not be able to create functional materials; only inanimate objects. This can be visualized similar to the fictional food replicator in the television and movie series �Star Trek�.

    Formed from Basic Scientific Principles

    Einstein said, �When the solution is simple, God is answering.� Ockham�s razor says that the simplest explanation with the least assumptions is probably correct. Well there are two assumptions that need to be made for this to work.

    1) That past scientific experimental dogma could be misinterpreted, and in light of newer comprehension, and this hypothesis, can be reinterpreted.

    2) I actually might know what I�m talking about

    Well, that second was kind of a joke, but honestly, I have had to make that assumption my whole life in consideration of others. Hasn�t everyone, especially those in school? So please, open your mind, and by karma give me all the respect I have afforded all the other so respected �authorities� in my life. Let down your walls, and let�s just see what is possible based on experiments already conducted, and knowledge already perceived.

    This came about when in Dr. Burris� Chemistry 120 class I had come to the conclusion, based on the basic principles in Dr. Van der Meer�s Physics 233 class, that hybridization and current bonding theories of atoms simply don�t work. At this point I discovered that these two branches were, and are not, cohesive. Actually, the more I began to think, the more Bohr�s model of the atom didn�t even appear to work. Well, after asking certain people certain questions, what I soon realized was that I had not been taught (brainwashed) enough more difficult level theories and mathematics that would become undoubtedly even more confusing and at the end I should not be able to understand fully anything (as I read Feynman�s book to say), but should �just accept that as the way things are� as one professor put it. Well, that wasn�t good enough for me. So I decided to come up with my own model of the atom. Which, I have, and it fits not only into this hypothesis, but with only a slightly new interpretation of past experiments of Rutherford and Milliken (and everything else I learned up to that point in Dr. Burris� class), it fits into science in general, and is also completely complimentary to physics, biology, and all types of phenomenon we see everyday in our world. Bohr�s theory, sadly, from what I�ve learned, simply does not. So a HUGE thank-you to all of my professors, and especially Dr. Van der Meer, who said, �I don�t have the time to help you with this, but I encourage you to go forward with it. It�s very interesting.� So, that said and being known, without further ado I give you Chapter 3.

    And God Said�

    All science must move in a logical order. You could not have biology before chemistry, and you could not have chemistry before physics, and then each of these orders would have their own hierarchy also. But we must establish that the building blocks of existence move upward from metaphysics to physics to chemistry to biology to life form; not in importance, but in ability to function in harmony with the preceding principles of the science before it, and also with what came before each new aspect of the creation. Also, the chapters of what will be this book, must also work in an escalating degree of enlightenment therefore, I need to state something here from chapter 2 for you to incorporate as I begin the logical proof of this hypothesis.

    The Lord by wisdom hath founded the Earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens. ---Proverbs 3:19

      Let�s take a quick vocabulary lesson so that our limited minds may understand the magnitude of this statement.

      1. Wisdom: The ability to judge soundly and deal sagaciously with facts; especially as they relate to life and conduct, discernment and judgment; discretion; sagacity. Scientific or philosophical Knowledge, erudition, learning.
      2. Sagacious: Of keen penetration and judgment; discerning; perspicacious.
      3. Perspicacious: Clear-sighted; of acute mental vision or discernment.
      4. Erudition: Characterized by a wide knowledge of a bookish kind; Scholarship.
      5. Learning: Acquisition of knowledge or skill; to ascertain.
      6. Scientific: Accumulated knowledge systemized and formulated with reference to discovery of general truths or the operation of general laws.
      7. Philosophical: In actual usage the science which investigates the facts and principles of reality and of human nature and conduct; the science which comprises logic, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and the theory of knowledge.
      ---Webster�s American Family Dictionary

      SYN. � understand and comprehend are used interchangeably to imply clear perception of the meaning of something, but, more precisely, understand stresses the full awareness or knowledge arrived at, and comprehend, the process of grasping something mentally [one may comprehend the words in an idiom without understanding at all what is meant]; appreciate implies sensitive, discriminating perception of the exact worth or value of something [to appreciate the difficulties of a situation]. ---Roget�s A-Z Thesaurus

    Now let us reread the scripture in the fullness of our understanding:

    The Lord by keen penetration and clear-sighted, acute mental vision, and by his accumulated knowledge, systemized and formulated the principles of reality and of human nature and conduct, comprising logic, ethics, aesthetics, and metaphysics; and by his scholarship and skill judging soundly with the facts, especially as they relate to life, hath organized and set-up the earth, and by clear perception and in full awareness of the exact value of his creation established the heavens.

    Alright let us move on.

    A wave can be thought of as a vibrating disturbance by which energy is transmitted. Waves are characterized by their length and height and by the number of waves that pass through a certain point in one second. ---Chemistry, by Ramond Chang, 8th Ed., Mcgraw-Hill, 2005, pg. 260

    �More precisely, the electric current in a wire is defined as the net amount of charge that pass through the wire�s [a medium?] full cross section at any point per unit time. Thus the current I is defined as I=dQ/dt where dQ is the amount of charge that passes through a conductor (a conductor is material which contains movable electric charges in which an electric current can be produced � Wikipedia) at any location during the time interval dt.� ---Physics, by Giancoli, 6th Ed., Prentice-Hall, 2005, pg. 486

    Sound can be defined as transmitted waves or wave transmission of any frequency in any medium. Therefore all energy transmitted by, or comprised of a wave is sound, and all matter in any type of medium that is comprised of energy has a specific sound signature. By the way, those are direct quotes from my current textbooks in Chemistry and Physics.

    The frequency of a sound wave can be calculated by:

      v=c/l, where v is frequency, c is the speed of sound, and l is the wavelength.
    Similarly, the frequency of a light wave can be calculated using the same equation:
      v=c/l, where v is frequency, c is the speed of light, and l is the wavelength.
    Then, by definition, at some point lv=lv and c=c. This is only logical, even if it were simple geometry where AB = C in equation one, and AB = C in equation two. In equation one, we might assign 6 x 1 = 6, and in equation two we might assign 3 x 2 = 6. Yet, even though both equations start with different integers the outcome is the same C. In other words both equations, even with different integers, mean the same thing. It is the same with the speed of light and the speed of sound. Both equations are derived from the same integers because they are both waves with the same characteristics, the same construction, and therefore the same properties. I know what you�re thinking, but by the end of this hypothesis you will see that this is a fact. Let�s begin with your objection that sound has to have a medium to travel through, but light does not. And, quite frankly, there will only be one other objection you have to the properties of these two waves being the same. You will say that a light wave is actually, an electric wave and a magnetic wave traveling together. Well, let�s carry on and see what happens. Let�s look at different mediums.

    A SOLID          Sound: 1     Light: 0
    Sound waves are slowed to a degree, but can pass through pretty easily. Light waves on the other hand cannot and are actually absorbed by solid matter. SO what about the light over your head? Actually you were designed to exist by a certain spectrum of light that radiates from the sun. The light that is radiating from over your head right now, is not anywhere close to that spectrum. So what are you absorbing? You are absorbing a dissonant waveform. When you are in perfect health your waveform is totally harmonic. The sunlight is harmonic with that. But any other type of artificial light, except one, is causing your body to absorb dissonant wavelengths. This can and will cause problems in your body and is well documented. The only artificial lighting that actually mimics the sun�s natural wavelengths is Full Spectrum lighting. I have created a document called �Lighting for Life� that details this information in depth. I can be contacted for more information.

    A LIQUID          Sound: 2     Light: 1
    Sound waves can travel through liquids differently than a solid and are distorted and slowed down, but still travel through water. Light passes through pretty easily also, but is slowed somewhat because of refraction.

    A GAS          Sound: 3     Light: 2
    Sound travels through dry air at its accepted constant: 340.29 meters/second. But will travel at different speeds through different gaseous mediums at different temperatures. This kind of proves my point earlier about the speed of waves, they are never really �constant�, but waves, and there patterns, are typically dependent on environmental variables. For example, throughout the history of the earth the dry air, although made of the same types of gases, probably did not have the same individual concentrations as we do today. This probably would have made the constant somewhat different than it is today because the air was more pristine. In the future, or on particularly toxic days, and at high temperatures, the speed at which sound will travel may be slowed somewhat because of heavy volatile organic compounds present in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, it was probably not significantly different, right? But, it is good to have this understanding that so-called constants are not really that at all. And in a world where we can measure space accurately to the trillionth (.0000000000001) of an inch or more, then the slightest change in the medium is actually a very big deal, especially when talking about propagations that are infinitely large and infinitely small such as in the beginnings of our creation. The slightest degree of error, say, in the earth�s orbit (93,000,000 miles) of only 12 inches off path, and we could burn up or freeze to death. Anyway, the equation for the speed of sound is:

      v=ÖyRT/M, where y is adiabatic constant, R is the universal gas constant (8.314 J/mol·K), T is the absolute temperature (�c + 273), and M is the molecular weight of the gas in Kg/mol. At zero degrees Celsius, sound will travel through air at 331.5 m/s, and through carbon dioxide at 258 m/s, and through hydrogen at 1270 m/s.

    Light traveling through a gaseous medium has the same boundaries of temperature and density and weight of the gas in the medium. Experiments have proven that using Rubidium warmed to 80�c have stopped light and �captured� it, and through cold sodium gas can slow it down dramatically. Well, no matter though. As long as sound can�t travel in space then there will always be at least one fundamental difference between light and sound to effectively prove my equations lv=lv and c=c wrong, right? Well, not really. This is a long held assumption that is no longer valid, but is still taught in school. Space is actually a gaseous medium through which sound can travel!

    Sound can travel through [outer] space, because space is not the total vacuum it�s often made out to be. Atoms of gas give the universe a ubiquitous (present everywhere at once) atmosphere of sorts, albeit a very thin one. Sound, unlike light, travels by compressing medium. Space, though not as efficient, can also serve as a medium. --Sounds in Space: Silencing misconceptions. Robert Roy Britt, 23 Sept., 2003. Posted on Space.com

    A VACUUM          Sound: 4     Light: 3
    Before we tackle sound in a vacuum let�s look at how light passes through a vacuum. But, first, what is a vacuum? We have held for a long time that space was a vacuum, a vast empty space with no atmosphere and nothing in it but darkness. Yet, after reading the above mentioned quote, that position and understanding is no longer valid. Well, that�s all well and good, but we know for a fact that the inside of a glass tube that�s been cooled down and had everything sucked out of it is a vacuum and completely empty of everything, a void, just nothingness in there, right? Well, actually that isn�t true either. The type of space that you think is a vacuum, an emptiness, a void, with nothing in it, is actually called a bare vacuum. What can be created in a lab in some sort of tube is actually called a physical vacuum. The difference here is extremely significant and actually could be the fatal blow to the Big Bang Theory.

    The mysterious nature of the vacuum [is] revealed by Quantum Electrodynamics. It is not an empty nothing, but contains randomly fluctuating magnetic fields� with an infinite zero-point energy. ---Stephen Barret, University of Oxford; Nature, March 22, 1990, p.289

    In order for there to be an extremely dense point in space that could explode, as in the Big Bang Theory, then it would have to be, by definition, in a physical vacuum because a bare vacuum is emptiness and a complete void, containing nothing. So what was it in? A zero point energy field would be a good explanation, except:

    Zero Point Energy, often referred to as �aether� or �the energy of space�, is an energy field that spans the entire Universe. Contrary to our current limitations in measurement, this universal field exists everywhere in the universe, radiates in every direction with equal pressure, and has no vibration. Radiation implies vibration, but this is not necessarily so. Like the depths of the ocean, an object at the bottom receives the pressure from all the water above it. This �fluid pressure� is equal in all directions, and is why we haven�t noticed its effects before the advent of Quantum Mechanics. The universal ZPE field is like the surface of an absolutely still pond. It has no movement. It is all one surface. However, when something moves through the surface of the water, it disrupts the surface creating waves. ---The dangers of ZPE, Dr. Jay Garrett, CEO Garret Technologies (Full text included at end)

    This exploding in a ZPE field effect can be seen in space as exploding stars collapse in on themselves not from some form of gravity inside their core, but from the pressure of the ZPE field itself, similar to an explosion under extremely deep water. I want to say, I am sorry, to all the Cosmologists out there, but even if somehow the explosion of the big bang escaped an infinite amount of pressure to the 4 power, then something would have had to �jiggle� the field in order that the explosion would have a chance of escaping the pressure of the totally still infinite ZPE field. So what or who jiggled it? Perhaps, it was one of those giant turtles swimming by to catch the earth on its back. Ok, seriously, that was only to lighten the mood a bit. But now we have to find out who jostled the ZPE medium in the beginning which I will explain in a minute. Where were we? Oh, yes, light traveling through a vacuum. What has been one of the most accepted ideas, but essentially proven wrong in light of above quotes, is that there is no �ether� in outer space. And the foundation for this is the Michelson/Morely experiment. I am going to use a quote from an unknown source here:

    The Michelson & Morely experiment proved that the speed of light in the apparatus was constant in all orientations and thus the theory of ether was wrong. Similar tests (don't know if Michelson & Morely ran them but they could have) have shown that the speed of light depends on the temperature and humidity of the air. It also depends on the velocity of the air. Fill the interferometer with anything and you find the speed of light depends on the properties of the media you used to fill it. Fill it with water and the speed slows appropriately. The experiment did not show that the speed was a universal constant, but it sure points that direction.

    Note that the Michelson & Morely experiment could be repeated using sound instead of light and one gets the same result, and that is that the speed depends on the medium inside the interferometer and is the same in all orientations. Light has one property that separates it from sound and that is that it can travel in a total void or vacuum [this is erroneous, I�ll explain in a minute]. Measuring the effect of the temperature or velocity of the air in the interferometer is easy. But when one puts the interferometer in a vacuum [where we now know there is still something there], measuring the effect of the temperature or velocity of the vacuum becomes meaningless. Thus one cannot prove that the speed of light is constant in a vacuum until one answers the question "constant with respect to what?" How can one heat up a vacuum? How can one accelerate a vacuum? What if the vacuum is moving at a speed close to C? All meaningless questions. Measure the photons that were generated in galaxies moving at warp speed or measure the photons from your desk lamp and you will get the same answer. Measure the photons hitting you as your spaceship is traveling at 0.9 C and you will get the same answer. The speed of the photon is totally a function of the medium inside your test setup. The old distance divided by time. We know of no difference in the photons produced by atomic explosions or a candle, from exceeding galaxies or stationary lamps.� [This is because the ZPE field is omnipresent, even present in-between all the particles that make up you and me.]

    Ok, just so you know, there is a scientist named Brian Setterfield of Australia who has proven that the speed of light has decreased (beyond the explanation of experimental error) over the past 300 years.

    If the velocity of light is constant, how is it that, invariably, new determinations give values which are lower than the last one obtained�There are 22 co-incidences in favor of a decrease of the velocity of light, while there is not a single one against it. ---M.E.J. Gheury de Bray, �The Velocity of Light,� Nature, April 4, 1931, p.522

    Well, my point is not to bash accepted scientific phenomena. My point is that you can�t �just accept it as that�s the way it is.� And my point here about light traveling in a vacuum is that
    1. It must be a physical vacuum, because we have never observed light traveling in a bare vacuum.
    2. Light, based on these unavoidable evidences, is not a constant, and must also have a medium to travel through.
    3. Light, as well as anything else, by definition, cannot travel through a bare vacuum.
    Also, I would like to make my first ever scientific prediction here, and save a lot of people a lot of time and money, based on what I now know about the jiggly, wavy, infinite ZPE field in a vacuum of space.

    No matter how sensitive our laboratory instruments become, there will always be a smaller particle. All particles will have A) wave/particle duality, B) all will have attractive, neutral, or opposing properties, and C) the particle size will become directly proportional to its energy quotient.

    I can tell you�re interested in getting to this sound-in-a-vacuum phenomenon, but we really need to talk about this ether a little bit more.

    Inside the physical vacuum containing the randomly fluctuating ZPE field, randomized �particles� suddenly appear then instantly disappear. This is predicted by Quantum Mechanics. In connection the Casimir force is important to note here.

    Casimir predicted that predicting that force F=K/d4 where K=p hc/480. This shows that the Casimir Force is inversely proportional to distance to the fourth power. QED predicts the all-pervading vacuum continuously spawns particles and waves that spontaneously pop in and out of existence. Their time of existence is strictly limited by the uncertainty principle but they create some havoc while they bounce around during their brief lifespan. ---Understanding Zero Point Energy � 1999 Thomas Valone, M.A., P.E. Integrity Research Institute, 1220 L Street NW, Suite 100, Washington, DC 20005, 800-295-7674.

    This can be visualized as popcorn in a kettle, where the inside of the kettle becomes the physical vacuum and the resting popcorn [no there are no particles in an ocean like magnetic field] becomes the ZPE field. As the popcorn pops, these become randomized �particles� that appear then instantly �disappear� (or perhaps simply take on another appearance?). But, do not get confused, there is no external heat source in the beginning of reality to �pop� the popcorn out of our ZPE field. At the beginning of creation there is only the ZPE field itself, which I will illustrate in a moment. This could be further visualized as the top layer of boiling water, where the fluctuations smash together and out �pops� a vapor, but then disappears into the medium above it. But, here again, don�t get confused because the ZPE field does not have a defining �surface�, it is omnipresent in all directions. Also, in our boiling pot what is really happening? On the surface there is a randomized wave pattern. As these waves crash into each other a smaller, yet intact, version of these fluctuations is suspended above the medium. Since air is more dense than the vapor, this newly formed wave code is forced higher and higher until it �disappears� into and becomes part of the wave code of a separate (?) medium. Although, if you think about it both of these mediums are at their core simply wave patterns of the ZPE field itself. Only, it is no longer randomized but systemized and categorized into specific wavelengths of varying density and proportions at different temperatures. The hierarchy would be something like ZPE to light to particles (smaller but intact versions of the whole system) to gas, to vapor, to liquid, to sol, to powder, to non-metal, to metal. And, of course, each of these would have their own subdivisions, and as all of these would interact with one another (not based on random processes, because we know that dissonant waves cancel each other out, but based on mathematically precise harmonic wave patterns) we end up with what we classify today as the bright line spectra of all the elements, the periodic table, and all of their isotopes (even the ones we may not know of yet). But let�s not forget where we�re going here. Sound is wave transmission of any frequency in any medium.

    So let�s get back to the beginning. The ZPE field in our physical vacuum is omnipresent and extended in all directions at the same time. It is acting like our boiling pot and kettle of popcorn sending smaller but intact versions of itself into another part of the medium; hence the appearance and disappearance. The �distance of separation�, if you will, should create a measurable length. That will create a distance that can be measured, probably in an arc form. Some will be longer and shorter, and up or down, etc. randomly throughout the entire medium (Although in present time these interaction can no longer be random, but are organized and calculable based on precedent; the same type of events are happening all around us. i.e. snow and rain, a dust storm, leaves falling, etc.). The measurement of these arc lengths can be thought of in two ways familiar to us. First, think about the line on a heart monitor that measures the pump pattern of the heart. As a part-icle (a portion of the whole) appears and disappears, it blips the monitor of our ZPE field sort of like a pulse, or pump of the heart (does this mean it�s a living entity?). If we were to measure this over time, and some blips were higher or lower, longer or shorter, then all of a sudden you have yet another transmitted wave with a measurable amplitude, wavelength, and frequency. Eureka, we have sound! What is your ZPE field saying to you today? Well, it would be a little different than actual notes, because in a ZPE field there is no time. We observe time, but the field does not because it is infinite.

    The second way to think about this is to tap out staccato notes on a piano except without the length and echo of the reverberation. As the appearance and disappearance of particles happen a similar staccato note could be played. The greater the arc length from the field, the more keys it would pass from middle C on the piano. No, I am not saying that a ZPE field sounds like a piano. All I am saying is that in a ZPE field, even though it is instantaneous to us, we can, through the invention of time, slow it down so that our ears can hear what it might sound like. Actually this goes for all waves and matter movement in the universe. Actually, about that joke, what is your ZPE field saying to you today; everyone has �spiritual ears�. Even though some of us have turned them off or rebelled against their input, they are still there. Some of us have practiced listening with them for so long that they are almost second nature. This ZPE field is connected to everything that exists. Is it any stretch of the imagination that it could be used for communication? The tuning in and practice of using those ears is what we call the conscience, or more deeply the ability to hear the voice of God himself (which I will prove in a moment). So here are some of the points I have tried to establish here about the ZPE field:
    1. This field is capable of carrying sound, and in the future can be used for communication.
    2. That from this medium all other mediums (commonly called the elements) come into existence by progression from light to metal.
    3. That everything that exists is based on this life force.
    4. Sound came before light.

    Well, that being said, what does this have to do with sound in a vacuum? I hope it is obvious now that sound can travel in a vacuum, a physical vacuum. I would like to reiterate the point that neither light, nor sound, nor anything for that matter, can travel in or through a bare vacuum. Which, sorry to say obliterates all the wormhole theories, and the whole travel phenomenon associated with them, except that black holes are physical vacuums, but then, planets and stars and other matter wouldn�t become void would they? The truth is, I think they are dissonant wave interactions on a massive scale that cause the actual destruction of a star, of course we see them move from healthy to disease to dying first, just like us, but it�s the same difference, just on a bigger scale.

    Zero Point Energy is just like that. Very few percent of ZPE radiation hits a given particle. However, the Earth is a gigantic collection of particles, and a lot more ZPE radiates from above than makes it through the unbelievable maze of ZPE absorbing particles below. There�s that pressure differential. And thus, you have gravity. So, how are we getting Free Energy? Well, it�s the Zero Point Energy field that holds matter together, right? Of course it is! And many experiments involving ZPE include some kind of manipulations of the surrounding field right? Particle turbulence? Plasma turbulence? High order particle oscillations? Yes� These are ZPE �wakes�, like the wake left behind a boat going fast� However, it is ZPE that holds matter together at every level� If a particle does not have 100% of the ZPE radiation that it is supposed to, then it does not maintain 100% integrity. In other words, it disintegrates� ---Dr. Jay Garrett

    Disintegrating over time is simply becoming diseased, aging and dying. This is why modern medicine cannot cure anyone. It is not harmonic with the sound of our bodies and what we are made of. Therefore we have escalation of death instead of an ebbing of death. It begins with the introduction of man made chemicals in the food supply and our environment, we try to treat the effects of this dissonance with more man made chemicals creating more dissonance. It is as the new adage goes, �Drugs make the sick get sicker quicker.� The black holes are actually a bare vacuum. Oh, and what about the photons that are supposedly being emitted? Well, how about a drop in a pond? Can you see another drop coming out, or is it merely the same drop bouncing back up? I don�t know, but I think that this is a simple explanation to explain some flight of fancy that has gone seriously out of control. It has become easier for science to imagine such grandiose ideas as traveling in time through wormholes in parts of space so far away why would it ever be necessary to reach them, instead of accepting the simplicity of a Creator who made you for a reason. But, I digress.

    We may not have the �ears to hear�, but as long as there is something in there that transmits vibration, i.e. randomly fluctuating magnetic fields, then there is sound. The reason sound and light waves have so many likenesses is that you cannot have light without having sound first. Every part of all existence in this creation will have wave/particle duality, because sound and light makes everything in the universe �visible�. After further reading into this hypothesis, I am sure that you will see that the Particle nature of all matter is the ZPE field, and the wave nature of all matter is the sound that brought all the particles together to make it what it is.

    Sound is a longitudinal wave that consists of alternating condensations and rarefactions (current?) and can exist only in a medium [well, we now know that goes the same for everything else to]. A condensation is a region where the pressure in the medium is higher than normal, while a rarefaction is a region where the pressure is less than normal. As a result, when the condensations and rarefactions pass any point in the medium, the pressure at that point fluctuates above and below the norm. �When a sound wave passes through, however, the fluid density does fluctuate in time [and this answers who �jiggled� the perfectly still ZPE field �in the beginning�; And God said�]. As the source of the wave vibrates against the fluid, some fluid particles are pushed together, and others are made to move apart [the initial �covalent bonding� of all compounds throughout the steps of creation]. Where the particles are crowded together, the density and pressure increase above the norm. Where the particles are moved apart, the density and pressure decrease below the norm. These changes in pressure of the fluid are what constitute the sound wave. ---http://www3.interscience.wiley.com:8100/legacy/college/cutnell/0471151831/integration/ch16.pdf

    Above he said that the sound wave was what caused the fluid to fluctuate in time. Then his last statement was that the changes in the fluid are what make sound. This is contradictory. His last statement should say the opposite. The change in pressure of the fluid is a consequence of the sound wave as it passes. Meaning this, that the sound wave came first, not that fluid pressure change came first and sound was the result, as we have always been taught. So this answers the age old question, �If a tree falls in forest and you aren�t there to hear it, does it make a sound?� I think we can conclusively say yes to that.

    Let�s do a little addition here. 1) The quantum well experiment (full text included at the end) tells us, �The sound wave creates laterally polarizing electric fields�. Then: 2) Wikipedia states, �The usual waveform of an AC power circuit is a sine wave, as this results in the most efficient transmission of energy�. 3) Lateral means situated on its side. 4) Webster�s says polarizing is, �to cause the induction of polarity in a ferromagnetic substance; magnetization.� 5) Induction is the generation of electromotive force by a varying magnetic flux. Well, then, what we can summarize from this is:

    Sound can be a sine wave situated on its side that is efficiently transmitting energy in the form of an alternating electric current that produces a magnetic force.

    And it is this sound wave that is the basis of all attraction and creation in the universe including waves, matter, life forms, and even spiritual bodies like God and the angels. This is grounded in two principles I have learned this semester in Physics; the Oersted and Faraday effects. You turn on a current and the magnet moves, but, you move the magnet and current is generated (electromagnetic induction). Sound can transmit energy in the form of a current, so the current, in the beginning was God�s voice, then God moved the magnetic field (which I will get to a little later), and He created the POWER for all things to exist. Not to get ahead of myself, but for all matter to be able to regenerate itself indefinitely. Consequently this knowledge could lead to a way to extract and use ZPE for clean energy. Introduce a certain sound into the medium at a specific amplitude, period, and frequency, and the suddenly appearing and disappearing particles of the ZPE field will probably become either suspended between, like Milliken�s oil drops, or completely move to the new energy field, and then can be transported via the wave to somewhere it can be stored and used for energy. Maybe?

    So, evidently we are all in a giant cold fusion reactor with an infinite amount of energy. And this fact is the death blow to evolution of the species. What is the cost of messing around with Free Energy from cold fusion? The slightest miscalculation could cause an energy release that could pull oceans over cities, collapse continents, or even pull us out of our orbit into a collision course with another planet. Therefore nothing could have happened by random processes. Because in creating the universe with everything in it, all things would have had to come together almost instantaneously and working properly or, in considering the massive forces at work outside of our atmosphere, nothing would have ever worked. There is only one chance to get it right, because dissonance would have destroyed the possibility of a second chance. And, since all creation involving the universe and everything in it is built layer upon layer, then life on this planet could not evolve by random process either. At this point you should review the five points of my hypothesis listed in the beginning of this paper. By now I should have given you plenty of evidence for the possibility of those points to be true. Also, I have endeavored to shake the foundations of some pretty well accepted theories with regards to �the beginning�, and I believe that has been accomplished as well. So, what next? Oh yes, the good stuff. All that I have left to do is prove that God is real, if you couldn�t already infer that prior I hope from here out, you will see and understand the logic, science, and evidence behind this truth.

    And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep� ---Genesis 1:2

    An interesting definition of the word void is an open space or break in continuity. But, from a perspective of pre-creation, the only �continuity� here is that of nothingness. Actually to say open space, although it gives a better picture, in this context is not really valid since space can be measured as a plot of distance. But here, space itself did not even exist yet. And let�s remember about what time this was written. It was a period in history where people knew one thing, they were standing on something. The earth was still flat, the stars were over their head � but it wasn�t even called outer space yet. It was all -- the whole universe to us today -- the earth. Well, of course add to this, �without form�, and you get absolute nothingness, or nonexistence, which is a bare vacuum. This is where I came up with the logical idea that Light, or nothing else for that matter can exist in a bare vacuum. But, there is no way to scientifically observe this unless you extract the ZPE field out of your glass tube. But then you would have to extract an infinite amount of energy out of the whole universe since it fills all space even between the particles that make you. So looks like you�ll have to take the fact that nothing can exist in a bare vacuum on, dare I say it, Faith?

    �and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. ---Genesis 1:2

    Let�s not get too overzealous here with our dissection. The important phrase is �upon the face of the��, and the rest means the same thing. Call it artistic license if you will to not sound redundant. The most important part is that the Spirit or Life-force of God moved upon the void, the deep, the waters. The bare vacuum of pre-Creation was just filled with an energy field of infinite potential energy which we call today Zero-point Energy. Remember earlier when I asked if it was alive? I also asked the question, �what jiggled the field to begin with�? Well, here is your answer; it is a living energy, God�s Life force, and it is living which means it is already �jiggly�. Also this proves another fine aspect of something commonly heard from religion about the attempt to overcome evolution. It is often said that God is capable of creating something out of nothing. Well, this is erroneous. God cannot. He must abide by the same laws he used to create our world, because He became part of our world later on. He took a piece of himself, his rib (?) and cloned (?) our world from it. Remember everything that comes after is based on the precedent set before it. Is it any stretch to connect the infinite ZPE to the infinite life force of God? Especially since we know that moving magnetic fields produce electric fields, and electricity is the basis of all life; even the life of God? So from the evidence recorded in Genesis 1,2 and scientific evidence of ZPE fields we can conclude that:

    1) A bare vacuum existed before creation
    2) The Spirit of God is the ZPE field that permeates everything in our Creation
    3) That field is what created the physical vacuum in which everything could be created

    Easily now, without even looking at the next scripture, or even knowing it, what is the next logical step? What is it that makes everything in the universe �visible�? Sound and Light.

    And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. --- Genesis 1:3

    Nov. 1, 2005 � Samuel J Hunt, NLC

    Editor's Note: This is a copy of the rough draft. The full, complete, updated version is now 84 pages long and includes all the math and scientific experiments to show that the process of creation in the genesis record can be sustained and validated by science and mathematics. If you enjoyed this, the rest will blow your mind. scienceprovescreation.com