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Spiritual Healing SereneRoom

Defining ourselves, defining our life, finding the path we were meant to walk with meaning and purpose...

Stories by Spiritual Sisters
and by invitation -- The Brothers

Kevin Eickenberry's VantagePoints
finding and following the path we were meant to walk.

  • Getting the Right Start - Healthy Sipping Choice Twenty-three
  • My Miracle on 38th Street - Healthy Sipping Choice Twenty-two
  • Happy Halloween - Healthy Sipping Choice Twenty-one


    Sally Scott's Living With Heart
    putting our lives back together after the chaos of trauma.
    Sally's Latest Additions

  • Tides - Heart Brew Twenty
  • Tulips - Heart Brew Nineteen
  • The Gift of Life in God Time - Heart Brew Eighteen


    Rosemarie Rossetti's Lessons to Live By
    wisdom gained through difficulty and experience
    Rosemarie's Latest Additions

  • Develop the Character Trait of Self-Discipline - Power Drink Forty-two
  • Love Brings Meaning to Life - Power Drink Forty-one
  • Living the Blossom-Full Life - Power Drink Forty


    Dr. Stephen Ruppenthal's Paths to Direct Awakening
    Author of The Path of Direct Awakening: Passages for Meditation
    Stephen's Latest Additions

  • Aging Well~Guard Against Aging with Strong Relationships
  • Aging Well~How Creativity Stops the Years In Their Tracks
  • Meditation to Beat Stress


    For A New Life by Eugene B. Shea

    Getting Along Over the Holidays by James Bardot

    Maintaining a healthy and loving relationship by Michele Germain

    The 3 step approach to a positive attitude by Arun Goel

    Catnap: An Invitation to Stop by Mark Buchanan

    The 31 Absolute Best Resources for Self Improvement by David Riklan

    Cultivate a Colorful, Eclectic Circle of Friends by Winn Claybaugh

    Perceiving God's Will by Adrienne von Speyr

    The Sense of Being Sought by "Another" by James Muilenburg

    Good Wishes For Our Enemies by Ruby Bayan

    Astrology: Do the Heavens Declare the Destiny of Man? by Michael Gleghorn

    The Proper Basis for a Human Relationship Between a Man and a Woman by John Macmurray

    Controlling our Thoughts by Tom Walsh

    Dynamic Energy Expressed Through Painting by Naomi Rifkin

    The Tsunami Heartbreak � DO SOMETHING! by Winn Claybaugh

    Gifts and Benchmarks by Winn Claybaugh

    The Wisdom of Knowing by Anita Marie Colbert

    7 Steps to Gaining a Peaceful Mind by Stephen Altschuler

    The Limbo Of Letting Go by Vicki Woodyard

    To Know You Is To Love You by Skye Thomas

    Loved Real by Nancy R. Fenn

    MaryAnn's Brother by William R. Stimson, Ph.D.

    Hair by Amara Rose

    A Firm Foundation in the Fundamentals by Susan Tatem

    How far is far; how high is high? by Chuck Gallozzi

    Being in Love by Regena English

    Where is your heart? by Diana Robinson, Ph.D.

    She by Erica Staab, LSW, CMT

    How to Keep Your Spiritual Wits About You in a Romantic Relationship by Kerry Cannava

    Changing Our World by Pamela Morong

    How Beliefs Control our Actions by Eugene B. Shea

    Being by Eckhart Tolle

    Hearts Made Strong by Shirley Knapp

    Fate and Faith: The Extreme Odd Couple by Peter Soszek

    Lost in the Supermarket of Truth by Ramesh Manocha

    Moving, Being Willing, Beside Ourselves by Beca Lewis

    His Plan & My Efforts Make the Best Combination by Nitin Kulkarni

    I Do It God's Way by Jane Mullikin

    Inner Beauty is an Almighty Force by Terri McPherson

    Intuition by Diana Robinson, Ph.D.

    Goal-A-Phobic by Hersey Wier, MBA

    Going Off the Deep End by Kay Marie Porterfield, M.A.

    A Fork Appears in the Road by Terri McPherson

    The Symbol Of The Butterfly by Linda-Ann Stewart

    Breaking Out of Perception Prison by Beca Lewis

    Love, Power and Harmony by Serge Kahili King

    Forgiveness as a Gift to Yourself by Joyce and Barry Vissell

    Open Mind and Insert Careful Thought! by Diana Robinson, Ph.D.

    Love of Fear by D. Patrick Miller

    Only the Brave (and the Lonely) Dine Alone by Lionel Fisher

    Spirit & Science in Harmony by Debra Hegerle

    Integrity! What does it mean? by Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and James Sniechowski, Ph.D.

    The Desire for Real Romance and Intimacy by Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and James Sniechowski, Ph.D.

    A Life Of Choices by Jane Mullikin

    A Path By The River by D. Patrick Miller

    Taking Inventory Of Life by Mary Lynn Hatfield

    I Am Who I Am, and I Love Me by T. Darlene Cheek

    Choice Spirit: Our Story Continues by Scott Ringwelski

    The Stages of Self-Esteem by Anitra Freeman

    Owning Your Life by Jennifer Hautman

    Reflections on Life's Significance by Dalene Entenmann

    Seven Follow Your Passion Strategies by Edel Jarboe

    I Can't Believe That You're A Therapist by Tammie Byram Fowles, LISW, Ph.D

    Movin' On by Diana Robinson

    Do You Worry? by Terri McPherson

    Faith by Tammie Fowles

    Don't Tell Me by Terri McPherson

    Who Do You Blame, Life? by Regena English

    Not Again: When Life Delivers Lemons by Dalene Entenmann

    Today is Today; Tomorrow is Tomorrow,Live it Tomorrow by Jane Mullikin

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