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    How the Bear Got a Short Tail
    One day a bear was trying to catch a fish. He gave it all of his might. He had tried all day and had never caught a thing. Then a beaver came by and he had caught ten or more fish. This made the bear so mad he ran over to the beaver and said, "How do you catch all of those fish?"

    The beaver said, "I used my claws."

    So the bear said, "I have been here all day and did not catch a thing. Do you know another way to catch some fish?"

    The beaver replied saying, "Yes."

    "Well, how do you do it?"

    The beaver said, "You have to use your tail and put it in the water until a fish bites it. Then you take it out when you think the fish is biting it."

    Then the beaver ran off, so the bear tried it. He had his rump in the water for a long time. After a while it got so cold he took it out of the water and it fell off. He went looking for the beaver.

    � Shawn Willis

    Shawn is thirteen. Shawn is laid-back with an easy smile. He is the boy in the center of in the picture.