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Easy Way to Achieve Your Goals

    What accomplishments do you take the most pride in?

    My favorite feeling is accomplishment. Is there anything better than thinking, "I'm finished - mission accomplished"? Think back to the accomplishments in which you take the most pride.

    What did you accomplish? How did you accomplish it? What did you do specifically to accomplish it? What strengths did you use? What steps did you follow? What did you get out of the accomplishment?

    When you take time to reflect on your past accomplishments, you learn from what went right. The lessons learned will help you achieve your future goals.

    Now think ahead to the goals you still have.

    What do you specifically want to accomplish in the future?

    • How will you know when you've accomplished it?
    • Is this a realistic and achievable goal or is it far fetched?
    • How does this goal relate to your lifetime goals?
    • By when do you want to achieve this goal?
    • What will achieving this goal do for you?
    • What steps do you need to take to achieve it?

    Here are 5 reasons to go back and write down the answers to those questions.

      1) Goals that are written down are more likely to be achieved than unstated goals.
      2) Knowing what you specifically want to accomplish by when, gives you the energy and motivation to start working toward the goal.
      3) Acknowledging what you will get when you achieve this goal pulls you into action.
      4) Stating action steps helps you plan out how you will go about achieving your goal.
      5) You'll never leave where you are until you chart a course to where you'd rather be.

    Now go back and write down the answers to those questions.

    The easy way to achieve your goals is to learn from your past accomplishments and write down your future goals in such a way that they help you achieve them.

    � Cyndi Smasal: Jump-Start Coach & Inspirational Speaker Gives focused one-on-one Coaching to people who want to achieve their goals in 90 days or less.