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Spiritual Healing SereneRoom

The salad bar has been expanded. A whiff of the aroma rising from the bar on the left welcomes you to a variety of delicious soups filled with secret ingredients for healing the spirit, mind and body.

The salad bar on the back wall is filled with wonderful fresh veggies known for building strength and stamina allowing us to construct, rebuild, repair, design, improve and lighten the spirit.

The salad bar to the right has a fascinating variety of light concoctions to enjoy with the peacefulness found further along in the lightening of the spiritual, mental and physical burdens.

Here you will find information, resources and support for the wellbeing and wellness of mind, body and spirit...


  • Healing Soup Bar

      The pieces in this section are written by people who understand about pain: physical pain, mental anguish or spiritual devastation.

  • Strength-Building Veggie Bar

      The articles in this section give guideposts for achieving wholeness.

  • Peaceful Repose Concoctions

      Getting centered and staying centered: Food to help in maintaining the diet.

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