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My Companion and I
Joseph J. Mazzella's Column on Living in Harmony with GodGod didn�t put us on this Earth just to stand around in depression, dejection, and misery. God put us here to grow, learn, and become. God put us here to care, help, and share. God put us here to love, rejoice, and dance. Follow the link to find all Joe's columns My Companion and I

The newest additions include:

  • Everyday Miracles � Special Sundae Sixty-eight
  • Happiness First � Special Sundae Sixty-seven
  • Praying � Special Sundae Sixty-six
  • Walls � Special Sundae Sixty-five


    Scott Ski's InCite comprises a rousing anthology of distinct, true slices of life from today all the way to the distant past, served up in an evocative, engaging manner. Here are some samples:

  • Choice Spirit
  • Better Than His Word
  • Hanna�s Dangerous Mission
  • The Right Word


    • Sunflower by Sally Scott
      They were a reminder to me of the mighty, unstoppable power of the life force.

    • Special Spirit Moment by Jane Mullikin
      A collection of those ordinary, everyday moments when God�s presence made a difference.

    • Seagull by Elsa Joy Bailey
      You can go to a quiet deck and meditate with the sun splashing warm all over you and the bay tossing wet spray on your face.

    • Awakening by Nancy!~Lotusbud
      Life is a constant changing and evolving journey.

    • Inner Peace by Elsa Joy Bailey
      There is no surprise like the surprise of Inner Peace: it's as startling as a moonbeam visible at high noon.

    • Abe by Sandi Kimmel
      I didn't know him long but I knew him deep.

    • The Smile by Elsa Joy Bailey
      This smile spoke volumes about the heart that informed it.

    • Natural Factors by Nancy!~Lotusbud
      The older I get, the more I appreciate my life to be surrounded by simple honest things.

      Living Well Enough Alone
      Lionel Fisher's Column on Magnificent Aloneness
  • Self-Fulfillment Sushi - Chef's Choice One
  • True Wisdom: Knowing Yourself - Chef's Choice Two
  • Making Peace with Our Regrets - Chef's Choice Three
  • Having Your Cake and Solitude Too - Chef's Choice Four
  • Living Life One Thing at a Time - Chef's Choice Five
  • A Time-Share Cottage at Walden Pond � Chef�s Choice Six
  • One Woman's Pros and Cons of Being Alone - Chef's Choice Seven
  • Love Is Where and with Whom You Find It - Chef's Choice Eight
  • E.T., Phone Home, but Not from Church � Chef�s Choice Nine
  • The Marx Brothers Just Kill Me -- Literally, I Hope -- Chef's Choice Ten
  • Are You a NIMBY, YIMBY or BANANA? � Chef�s Choice Eleven
  • Spirit of Christmas: Gratitude for What We Have - Chef's Twelve
  • For Some a Solitary Journey Leads Back to the World
        � Chef�s Choice Thirteen