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On Celtic Music

        He appeared as rutty and old

        As the exposed rocks and cliffs

        Of the Emerald Isle

        That he called home his whole life.

        We�d just finished listening to

        A collection of Celtic Music

        Which had a flute, harp, piano,

        And the bagpipe.

        He drew hard on his favorite

        Long stemmed pipe.

        �Do you know why all Celtic music

        Is so haunting?�, he asked.

        I shook my head �No�.

        �It�s because the wood

        From which the flute, harp, piano,

        And bagpipe were made is no more.

        All the forests from which they came

        Were all cut down

        For planting crops,

        Feeding livestock

        Living and burning for warmth.

        The instruments carry the spirit

        Of the forest that once was,

        So they sing their forelorned songs

        In remembrance of their birthplace!�

        � 2005 Richard Dean Cook
        Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

        Telling Bird's Art