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Second Childhood

        I remember when I was young

        Hearing folks laugh and joke

        About a thing they called

        "Second Childhood".

        Little did I know,

        Until now

        How very important

        It would have been,

        Had someone

        Older than myself

        Taught me

        The real meaning of that phrase!

        Old Grandfather had died,

        Quickly and quietly

        Without experiencing

        The effects of "Second Childhood",

        Thus the learning of it

        Had been lost on me.

        Now I'm experiencing the "True" effects

        With my mother,

        So, I feel inclined

        To teach and tell others

        Of this most elusive and

        Un-talked/ untaught lesson.

        When children grow,

        They are taught and they learn

        To grow in life

        And become a part of the family

        They were born into.

        The key word being, "LEARN".

        Unlike one's first childhood,

        An adult experiencing "Second Childhood"

        Regresses by

        "Un-learning" all those "growing" lessons.

        Adult children seeing this

        And attending to their parents

        At this time in their lives,


        If unprepared,

        Feel impatience, anger, hurt, and remorse

        Over having to deal with this happening to

        Our loved ones.

        I believe that the best way,

        Now that I'm in the throws of "Second Childhood"

        To approach this experience,

        Is with much love and compassion.

        Acceptance and patience will be harder,

        As in seeing this take place in a mentor

        Leaves one fearful that they too

        Just might go through it.

        I can't help but think of the passage

        In the Bible

        Where the disciples of Jesus

        Are trying to keep the children

        From coming to him and interrupting

        His time to teach.

        His response was to tell them,

        "Suffer not the little children to come unto me,

        And forbid them not,

        For such is the Kingdom of God".

        The he said,

        "Unless ye become as a child,

        You shall not enter the kingdom of heaven."

        So, my friends,

        It is in this "Un-learning" of "Earthly Ways",

        That we actually "Purify" our spirits

        To become that "innocence"

        Which is required

        To move on "Spiritually"

        Into the next realm of living! Amen!

        � 2006 Richard Dean Cook
        Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

        Telling Bird Richard Dean Cook Telling Bird