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Finality and Childhood Dreams

        Today was the first time ever
        I heard my mom say
        She was going to die.
        Never before had she stated this,
        So "matter-of-factly" as at this very moment.
        The shock was big enough
        All by itself,
        But a whole childhood fantasy
        That somehow,
        My own life was enchantingly immortal
        Came crashing in on my soul,
        Like a house of cards.
        Oh I knew I wasn't immortal
        As I have been to death's door several times.
        But something so "final"
        In my own mother's words,
        Shattered any last secret hopes I might have had.
        I'm only saddened by
        What I'm sure so many before me have felt,
        At that juncture in life,
        When we are no longer at the start of
        A journey,
        But can see the end of the ride ahead.
        The wishing we had paid more attention
        To all the little things,
        The total feelings involved with each experience.
        Ah yes, and the love not fully realized
        Or expressed.
        Luckily, for most of us
        We're blessed with being able to close our eyes
        And "relive" those experiences,
        See those fine details
        And smile,
        Knowing we have been blessed
        With a second chance!

        � 2006 Richard Dean Cook
        Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

        Telling Bird Richard Dean Cook Telling Bird