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Anomalous Experience and Miracles
By Rita Jean Underwood

To Those Searching for Love, Joy and Peace:

I have had many times of absolute joy, it sometimes wells up in me and overflows. It's like I know that I know that I know. I know that no matter what the outward appearences of my life are, I am happy and content, yet with a deep yearning to share my experiences. I want so much to speak about my experiences, to reach out to others that no matter what, life goes on.

Sometimes I have thought, why had I had so many experiences where I could have been raped, murdered or killed. What is God saving me for? I know in my soul I didn't earn or create that experience in the Light and Love I have described in this story. At the time I had no knowledge that such an experience was possible. I had not read of anything like that nor heard about anything like what I experienced. All I know is what I experienced and the profound difference it has made in my life. At one point in my life I have no doubt I would have committed suicide, because of what was going on in my life.

Then it happened and I knew I was LOVED! I was embraced in that LOVE and LIGHT. Knowing that is what saved my life. And the real message is we all are LOVED beyond human comprehension, beyond human understanding. Why I had the experience, perhaps I'll never know unless God knew someday I would share it with those who need to know "YOU ARE LOVED...I really don't have the words to describe the true ECSTASY of that experience....Please feel free to share my story.......Rita


My experience took place back in 1972, before there were any books that I was aware of, published about such anomalous experiences. I only went to the eight grade,and I could have never in my wildest imagination dreamed of such an experience. I had to look up the word "anomalous" in the dictionary to learn the meaning in order to conclude that the experience might be of interest. For years, I didn't understand what I had so I'll just put it in my own words.

At the time I was going through a divorce and it was a traumatic time for me. My husband left me to marry his brother's wife. I mention this because someone I shared this experience with said that it was my mental anguish I was going through that caused such an experience. I would buy that except since this experience in 1972, I went through much worse traumatic experiences and I have not had such an experience.

I was living in a two room apartment. My son and daughter slept in the same room I did. Their beds were on one side of the room and mine on the other. I was asleep, my son and daughter were asleep. I woke up. I was just about 6 inches from the ceiling. My first "thought" was "where are my children". I turned my head to the left and looked down and I saw my children in their beds. I turned my head back to the ceiling and as I did the room filled with such a "LIGHT" and feeling of "ABSOLUTE LOVE" THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT FULLY.Two powerful "THOUGHTS" came to me within.The first "thought" was SO THIS IS WHAT PURE LOVE IS..and the next "thought" was "AND WE HUMANS THINK WE KNOW WHAT LOVE IS"

I woke up the next morning more at peace than I had ever been in my life, I "KNEW DEATH WAS NOTHING TO FEAR". I wasn't even thinking about death as I wasn't sick, just pissed off at my husband for leaving me and the children for his brother's wife... I know one thing it's NOT THE KIND OF EXPERIENCE ONE CAN EARN.

It was a couple of years later I saw a book at the bookstore called "Life After Life" by Dr. Raymond Moody. I agreed with some of their descriptions about the life but even their words, and I'm sure they will agree, just pale in comparison to the "LOVE "& "LIGHT" they experienced. However they were pronounce clinically dead. I was NOT DEAD! I was not even sick ,so I continued to search by reading countless books such as those by Robert Monroe and others. I was told by someone who works in the paranormal stuff what I had was a spontaneous out-of-body experience. I had not shared this with very many. Those that I have shared with asked me if I felt or saw a presence as in God or Jesus or Mary. I said no, it was LOVE LOVE LOVE PURE ABSOLUTE LOVE. WE CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO IMAGINE IN THIS HUMAN FORM OF OURS WITH ALL THE LIMITATIONS OF BEING HUMAN.

Why I had the experience I didn't know in 72 and I still don't know. Not too long after that I was washing my car and I heard with my physical ears very clearly, "Rita someday you are going to minister", I looked up and turned completely around and no one was in sight, and I said loudly "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING".

I have been through hell on earth since then, I won't go into that but I will tell you I have had miracles in my life.

Miracle #1: I was born without a place in my body to have bowel movements they could't do anything for me to correct this til I was three. I was put into the children's hospital in Denver, Colorado, in 1946. According to my mother they had to do 17 major surgeries to correct the problems. My grannie told me I screamed and screamed trying to have a bowl movement coming out of my vagina until I went and had it corrected at the hospital. My record are now on microfilm I was told.

Miracle #2: I was about 5 when I went to find my brother to go to the movies. I found where my brother's friend lived, I knocked on the door and someone said "come in". I went in and a man was there. I asked if "we woy was here". I called him that but his name was Lee Roy. The man said, "yes, he's upstairs. You can go get him." As I went up the stairs the man came up right behind me and pushed me on the floor and said something at the time I didn't understand but he had my panties off and his pants down, and here is the miracle: at the exact moment, HIS BROTHER CAME IN DOWNSTAIRS. THE MAN JUST SAID SOMETHING ELSE I didn't understand and let me go...

Miracle #3: I was about 14, and had taken a job as a live-in babysitter. The house where I was staying had a back yard that led into the lake. The family was gone and I decided to go into the water. I couldn't swim but I found an old innertube and played with that. Somehow the innertube got away from me and as I was dogpaddleing toward it, the innertube moved farther and farther away. Finally I realized I couldn't get it and went to stand up and then discovered I could't touch bottom and I was quite away from the bank. I knew no one was around at either house because there was not any cars or trucks. I starting screaming. I knew I was going to drown. I was looking and screaming toward the back when at that EXACT MOMENT A TRUCK PULLED UP AT THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR AND IT WAS PULLING A BOAT. Had it not come at that exact moment I have no doubt I would have drowned....They saved my life..

Miracle #4: I had run away for the second time when I was about 17. I hitchhiked from San Angelo, Texas, to New York. I went to find this guy in the service that wanted to marry me. I found him and decided I didn't want to marry him so I ran away from him and was hitchhiking back to Texas when this man picked me up and said for me not to be afraid as he was a constable. When he pulled off the main road into a wooded area I said, "why did you pull off the road?" and he said, "I know a short cut". He drove just a little ways and stopped the car and said to me take your pants off or I will take them off for you. I started crying and said, Please, just let me out to go to the bathroom". He said to hurry and as soon as I got out of the car I started running as fast as I could. He started the car and came after me cursing and yelling I should get back in the car, "I don't have to try this hard to x##xx0000". I got back in the car and he sped to the highway and let me out. He could have murdered me and left me there and no one would know.

Miracle #5: In 1998 I was going from Wichita Falls, Texas, to Houston to spend the holidays with my daughter. Just before I left Wichita Falls, Texas, to go to Houston I had gotten 4 brand-new tires. I picked up a spanish guy that had his truck broke down. He said he lived in Dallas. I said I don't usually go through Dallas as I take the 287 and go through Ft. Worth but I just could't leave him on the road so I drove him all the way to his house in Dallas. He gave me directions to get to Wichita Falls but somehow I ended up in front of the Cotton Bowl in Dallas just as these thousands of cars were leaving the Bowl. I had no choice but to get in the 70-75 miles an hour traffic. Driving in Dallas or any major traffic causes me to have panic attacks, so I prayed, "Dear God, please help me get through this horrible traffic safely...." The miracle was my brand new right tire waited until there was no traffic on either side of me to blow. I had never had a blowout before and I learned that when your front tires blow you lose control very fast. It took all my might to pulled the car off the road....and when I got out of the car, I looked to the heavens and said, "Thank-you God", and then I kissed the ground...It was't long before a trucker came and said another trucker had seen me but not in time to stop so he got on the CB to tell the trucker to slow down so he could pick me up. He did and took me to the next truck stop where I called a friend to pick me up....

Miracle #6: My son was in a car accident that killed his best friend. He was caught by the steering wheel and crushed while my son was thrown out of the car....(neither was wearing seat belts). My son hit a concrete pillar and had closed head injury and other injuries as well. First, they said he was dead and then they said if he lived he would be a vegetable. The accident happened about 8 years ago. Not only did he not die but he is not a vegetable. He went on to get his associate degree and got married and had a beautiful little girl.

I have shared my "Anomalous" experience and my miracles if you want to know the "hell" I've been through I will share that with you too. Please feel free to email me for further information.

I don't have a "pot or a window" but I KNOW ALL IS WORKING FOR GOOD IN MY LIFE AND If my sharing any of this I can reach out to others to know they will overcome "WHATEVER THEY ARE GOING THROUGH RIGHT NOW IN THEIR LIFE"

� Rita Underwood

"THE BEST IS YET TO COME" it's my mantra ever since my poem, by the same title, was published in 1974 march issue of SUCCESS UNLIMITED magazine.