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New Beginnings
by Herlinda Valles Life is full and robust to those who see its treasures, dark and dank to those who see them not. Each day is a new beginning. Sometimes it's a treasure hunt to look for the good in life, to reach for seemingly unreachable solutions; but always a chance to learn, to increase our faith in the great-unseen powers of the universe and to become better thinkers in our own lives. We always have the option to raise our thoughts and to change our minds about what goes on with us, and those around us. That's one of the greatest gifts of a new beginning. Whether we avail ourselves of those gifts is also a matter of the thought that propels our decision, the consequential actions and behaviors that result from that thought.

Will you be in the problem, or will you be in the solution today?

I have had many new beginnings in my life, not all of them were good choices for me. Once I made a choice that landed me up in Sacramento, ultimately alone and in despair. I had been to 3 pawnshops trying to get a little money for an old, worthless watch I had but nobody was in the market for it. I hadn't eaten for a few days, needless to say things hadn't worked out well for me. I still remember the feeling I had as I walked down the street, that desolate, dark, dank feeling; I can still taste that feeling sometimes. As I wallowed down the street in the mire of my own disparity, my eyes downcast to reflect my mood I suddenly caught sight of a little sparkle and found some dimes on the ground directly in front of me. There were only a few of them, but I only needed a few to buy something to eat, and that day all my needs were met. I have often thought of those dimes and what they meant to me. I was on a treasure hunt and I believed that some thing, some miracle was possible in spite of my seemingly hopeless state.

When times appear difficult for me, I have only to remember it isn't about hitting the lottery, it's about counting the dimes and the gratitude I must embrace for what I do have. That attitude renews and invigorates me. I am not a wealthy woman in terms of large financial resources. What I do have are many dimes, and therein lies my wealth. That dark and desolate day filled me with the truth that I hold the answer to my life challenges in my head, my heart and thoughts. I can choose to know, believe, and live as though all my needs are met. I can begin each day believing that truth.

Each day I have the choice to be rich or poor, loving or not, forgiving or not, grateful or not, sober or not. Some days my choices are better than others, but it's always up to me. I need to remember my day begins and ends according to my thoughts and the choices I make on which ones to act on. I need to keep looking for and believing that I'll stumble across the dimes of life.

How many times and how many ways have we all heard that today is the first day of the rest of our lives or that we must seize the day. It's easy to give phrases like that lip service, yet it's an entirely different matter to live it. Today really is the only day that matters in our lives. This very moment is our new beginning.


We give thanks
To the great unseen power of the universe
for attracting those who need a healing and new beginning to us

Help us to remember the value of the moments
To embrace each with a renewed hope and vision of possibility
We ask you to help us when we begin to take life for granted
To place the valuable coins of life in front of us
To lead us to the greater healing you desire for us

Let us begin each day, and this moment now
With a newfound love and faith
With new trust

When we cant see the treasures you lay before us, open our eyes
Keep our ears and hearts open to possibilities and the grace
Of your loving spirit as it flows
Gently, majestically, steadfastly through our lives

Now, this moment, this second
Let us renew our spirits with
Your love, Your healing, compassion and understanding
For us, and for all
That we may be healed, and
Carry the torch of healing throughout the world
Herlinda � Herlinda Valles