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    Taking the Mystery out of Mysticism

      Explore thyself. Herein are demanded the eye and the nerve. - Henry David Thoreau

      The other day, I got together with an old friend whom I hadn't seen for quite awhile. I used to work with him back in my more "normal" days: the days when I was just starting out on the mystical path, days where I was stumbling about, days where I thought I knew so much - yet knew so little. For those of you with a copy of Fading Toward Enlightenment, those days are described on pages 19 through 31.

      While reminiscing about our past - work, friends, shared experiences - I realized just how strange my outlook on life must appear to my old co-workers of so long ago. They must think, "Wayne has really lost it this time." I mean, back then I was pretty well known for thinking outside the box, or, as they would put it, "A little weird, but smart." Now though, they must think I've slipped over the edge and am trying to start a cult or something.

      So, while talking to my friend, a very rational man, I realized how useful it would be to explain this "mystical" perspective of mine in a very rational, believable and understandable way. You see, there really is nothing mystical about the core aspect of the seeker's path: the concept of the Watcher.

      The term "Watcher" is definitely a mystical sounding term. But back when the term was coined, there were no psychologists, no human behaviorists, no consciousness studies. No - what they had back then were sages, yogis and gurus. In modern dialect, we could simply call the Watcher, "the seat of consciousness."

      Yeah, I'm sure that just clarified everything, so let's just step through this. Let's find this mysterious Seat of Consciousness.

      Look, right this second you are "hearing" these words. Inside your brain, the "sound" of these words form and you experience them. Even if you are one of those bizarre people who don't sound the words out in your mind, you still experience them. This "thing" that is experiencing the words, that is hearing them, is simply the seat of consciousness - the Watcher.

      Notice though, that I did not say, "This thing is You."

      Most normal people experience themselves as their thoughts. They identify with their thoughts. They paradoxically, think they are their thoughts. The seeker, on the other hand, has recognized that, because they can "see" their thoughts, then they must therefore be different and separate from their thoughts.

      There is nothing mystical about this. It is purely rational. Because you, right this moment, are experiencing your thoughts, then you must be separate from your thoughts.

      When looked at closely, when experienced deeply, the previous sentence can profoundly affect your life. It can shake the core of your being. In fact, it can even kill you. It can kill the normal, solid "self" you used to experience as yourself. It is scary as hell, but I assure you, facing that fear, facing the truth of who you really are, is the only way to finding lasting inner peace.

      � Wayne Wirs is the author of Fading Toward Enlightenment - Life between the Ego and the Ethereal. A preview of the book is available on the website. Wayne can be contacted at wayne@waynewirs.com or through his website: Wayne Wirs. This article may be freely reproduced in its entirety as long as this paragraph is included.