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Are You Fired Up?
Hershey Wier We are gathered together today in order to keep each other fired up. Would you agree? To the best of my knowledge, we are striving to "live on purpose." Whatever our art may be - business, consulting, writing, art, theatre - as well as those who are soul searching about what their art may be - we are dedicated to living our lives on purpose. To making each day count. To making this world a better place in some small way.

Yet, it would be a lie to say that this kind of life is easy. First, we must define what our art is. Then, flesh out a game plan. Then, we must work that game plan. Some days we might feel like giving up. Here's a few ways for us to keep that fire burning.

A) Create a Community or Join One: Surround yourself with like-minded people.

I have a wide circle of acquaintances, but only a handful of people with whom I share my journey of "living on purpose." It's a crazy journey. Surround yourself with other "crazies" who will encourage you to "grow for it."

B) Be Selective with Meetings

I recently attended a professional meeting and received an incredible boost from it. Not from the talk - but from the people who attended. The electricity, finding others who were forging their own paths, others who believed in reaping and sowing - whew - if I could bottle that energy- wow!

Now, meetings are great but choose them carefully. I've gotten more networking done during my quiet / meditative times spent in the privacy of my own living room, than by all of the general networking meetings I've attended.

C) Keep Your Curiosity Alive

i) Commit Yourself to Lifelong Learning

I would be surprised if any of you have mentors who do not continually read and continually learn. You can make yourself at least an entry level expert on a subject just by reading one book about it.

ii) Commit Yourself to Teaching Yourself

So many of the courses I've taken, told me to go read a book and figure it out myself. From boning up on finance, accounting and marketing, to installing my own CD-RW drive on my computer. Whatever the new learning adventure, in a short period of time, I can come up with the information needed in order to become an entry-level expert on the subject.

D) Get some exercise.

Tear yourself away from your work. Go out and focus on the beautiful world around you. You'll be refreshed and revived.

E) Be Kind To Yourself

We have all been told that mistakes are necessary for learning. But, ouch, the penalties! Remind yourself that no one out there - your revered bosses nor your mentors - has an error-free record. Don't compare yourself with others. And, forgive yourself.

F) Laugh At Yourself

Taking yourself too seriously is no fun for those who have to be around you. And if you're really honest with yourself, it's no fun for you, either. When the fertilizer hits the fan, you have a few choices. Laugh. Learn. Cry. Quit. You pick the winning answers, now.

You pick the winning answers for your life.


Hershey Wier, MBA, speaks, writes and coaches on personal and professional development.

She founded ANEWIST Personal & Professional Development Services in order to offer fresh insight, guidance and support to people in achieving more fulfillment in their life path. Her unique blend of creative techniques and down-to-earth principles gives a balanced, enjoyable approach to creating synergistic, positive outcomes in life.

� Hershey Wier
Hershey Wier