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Out With Panic, In With Purpose
Hershey Wier Panic. People write in to me for advice, and often they are in a panic. They need a job, or they desperately want a change of some sort. They are full of anxiety about their lives.

I like to encourage these people that they are not alone in their panic. Many people, when faced with a lack of something, allow panic to set in. What this panic does, however, is cut off your ability to think clearly, to envision the very thing that you want to attract. I'd like to offer a few tips below.

1) Release the Panic.

When in a difficult situation, it's easy to think the worst. The thing is, it takes no more energy to think the worst than it does to think the best. Try to stop yourself from thinking yourself into a black hole. I offer my clients a variety of relaxation techniques to calm the mind, and to use throughout each day.

Think of your body as a conductor of electrical current that flows out to the universe. That current allows you to communicate with the universe. Some people call this prayer, but at any rate, it is a form of communication. When you are in a panic, I believe that the communication to the universe gets jumbled, and that the vibes of panic actually chase good vibes away. The way I suggest for you to attract good into your life, is by restoring calm to your system.

2) Avoid the "I Have No Choices" Mindset.

Sometimes people tell me that they have no choice, for example, but to take the first job that comes along in order to pay the rent. To take whatever comes along. I ask them to consider - and this may be a gradual process - consider that the universe wants the best for you. That you do not need to take the scraps. There is enough for everyone. We see suffering because of greed. But, we can create abundance for ourselves, and then pass that abundance on to others. In fact, I feel a responsibility to do so.

What is it you want? Write out what you want, make sure it has the higher good in mind, and communicate that to the universe. Expect little signs to show that you are on your way to attracting what you've asked for.

3) What is your purpose? I often get requests for advice from people who are job-hunting. My advice is to spend some time daily - journaling, meditating, discovering yourself and your life purpose. Once you realize what you're here to do, what you are good at, and what you enjoy doing, I believe you are on the path of finding a job and a new life journey.

Purpose + Love = Fulfillment + Finances What about you? Are you telling yourself you *must* do certain things because you have no choice? Consider re-training your thought patterns to be more allowing of who you are and what you could become, if you would only let yourself. Create an affirmation for yourself today that will confirm this for you. For example, "I give the best. I receive the best. The world is on my side." Take baby steps toward creating a life you'll love.


Hershey Wier, MBA, speaks, writes and coaches on personal and professional development.

She founded ANEWIST Personal & Professional Development Services in order to offer fresh insight, guidance and support to people in achieving more fulfillment in their life path. Her unique blend of creative techniques and down-to-earth principles gives a balanced, enjoyable approach to creating synergistic, positive outcomes in life.

� Hershey Wier
Hershey Wier