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Are You A Goodwill Business?

    "Why do you give so much publicity to other businesses? Don't you see that your potential customers will flock to them rather than you?" When I get this comment, my reply is one or both of the following:

    1) Well, if my goodwill gesture does send clients to others, then I would have done them a service. That leaves me with a good conscience in having done them a favor.

    2) Why Your Fear?

    The main reason people don't give is because they are afraid. They fear losing business. In fact, I'd say that the majority of the world's ills is based on fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of those who are different, fear of those you perceive to be "better," fear of poverty, fear of illness - fear - it will engulf you and render you useless if you let it.

    Don't plan to live your life based on fear. This is a free market, and there is a niche for everybody. One defense you have against the fear of losing business to someone else is defining your niche and giving the best service you can, as conscientiously as you can. Develop your niche with quality and depth.

    Characteristics of Goodwill Business People

    1) Patience & Forgiveness

    As we paddle along the river of life, each of us makes waves in the water along the way. None of us will know the extent to which our actions - those waves - affect others in adverse ways. Yet, not all of our actions have come back to us in negative ways. The people they affected decided to ignore or forgive.

    Similarly, when we have a open-hearted attitude toward others, we will learn that there is much more good that can be tapped into rather than bad. There are more similarities than differences. Focus on the good, focus on the commonalities, and you are well on your way to attracting a mutually beneficial situation with whomever you deal with.

    2) Generosity

    When you give you receive, you reap what you sow. This is a universal law that can be applied daily. So many people, if they give at all, measure out what they give to make sure it does not exceed what was given to them. Others fret when they feel they've given without receiving sufficiently in return.

    Throw away your scale. Challenge yourself to give, and to rely on the principle of reap and sow to bring good back to you.

    3) Belief in The Power of Good

    So many consider money to be the source of all riches, and indeed, money is sought after zealously by most of humanity.

    Consider the riches that the Power of Good has to offer. To see this for yourself, in every situation you encounter, try to see something good in it, try to see something good in each person you encounter, and try to do something good toward the situation. Naturally, this is a big challenge, but keep this "good" mindset in mind, and record the good that comes back to you -during your ANEW Soultimes.

    4) The Dirty Stuff and Win-Win

    Waiting to be paid, being cheated, someone taking the credit for work you've done. Yes, this happens. A Polyanna, I'm not.

    There are fewer sources of peace than to know that the universe is in control. Seek peace in all, visualize good outcomes in all, not revenge, not bad scenes of potential wrongdoers - just good scenes. I teach my clients how to create new movies in their mind's eye - movies that nourish you, and foster positive outcomes.

    If you're constantly thinking bad things - thoughts of revenge - thoughts of competition - how will that ever bring about a win-win situation? Win-Win is a key principle, and if you don't know what that means, nor how to achieve it, consider at least participating in our free teleclass being offered on April 29.

    Truly, if destructive thoughts are constantly playing through your mind, you are defeating the possibility for a positive win-win situation, and more, decreasing possibilities for success in your business.

    Think of all the good that one human being can offer. Isn't it worth it to draw that good out, rather than to stifle it with your bad thoughts, and worse, actions?

    Remember, every action begins with a thought.

    Start now to develop your strategies based on goodwill. Keep a record of your progress. Write in and keep me posted at mail@HersheyWier.com. I'd love to hear from you.


    Hershey Wier, MBA, speaks, writes and coaches on personal and professional development.

    She founded ANEWIST Personal & Professional Development Services in order to offer fresh insight, guidance and support to people in achieving more fulfillment in their life path. Her unique blend of creative techniques and down-to-earth principles gives a balanced, enjoyable approach to creating synergistic, positive outcomes in life.

    � Hershey Wier
    Hershey Wier