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Giving From the Heart
by Janet Wilson

Recently I wrote about being open to receive, and I mentioned that one of the ways to receive is to give. The pure and simple act of giving from your heart is one that will enrich your life and the lives of others in ways you may have never dreamed of.

What does it mean to give from your heart? Think of how a parent instinctively gives love to a child. There are no requirements involved or conditions that the child will be expected to meet in order to be deserving of this parental love. You wouldn't say to your child, "Well, I'm a little short on love this week, so you'll have to do without for a few days." Or, "You really haven't behaved like I wanted you to today, so I'm going to withhold my love until you shape up." Isn't it true that there is no end to the gifts of love you will shower upon your child?

Gifts from the heart are instinctual, but the recipients are not limited to family members. Giving from the heart is something you do without conditions, because you see someone in need. You reach out because you CAN, not because you expect something in return or you think it will make you look good.

When you view the world with the realization that we are all in this together, that we are all connected in some unseen, perhaps inexplicable way, you will understand that an unconditional act of generosity is a gift to us all, including yourself. Giving to others from your heart is a sure way to know that you're open to receiving. It continues the flow of abundance. Without that flow, you greatly limit your potential for prosperity and joy.

The truth is that giving from the heart has far-reaching effects, many of which you may never know about. Once that gift is set free to roam, it touches the lives of an unlimited number of people.

Anytime you're aware of wanting more, of not being able to let go, of worrying whether you have enough, give. When you find yourself coveting, give what you are coveting. To be greedy is to be enslaved by the material; and the more you allow yourself to be greedy, the more your spirit shrivels.

Unfortunately, many people are caught up in the desperation of acquiring and keeping, or holding close. Even when asked for help by another, they are afraid to let go of what they have worked so hard to get. If they do decide to give, they do it with fear or conditions instead of blessing and love. They see it as a loss instead of a way to continue the flow of giving and receiving. Giving with fear or conditions is not giving at all--it's more like loaning or renting out your assets. It truly is a loss.

If you want to bring joy into your heart and enrich your life beyond your wildest dreams, look around you for ways to give of yourself from the heart. Give of your money, time, and skills. Whether it's a family member, friend, neighbor, or someone you've never even met, there are those who are in need of your generosity and kind spirit.

The best advice I can give is, "Don't give until it hurts, give until it heals." We can all be healed by giving from the heart.

by Janet Wilson, � 1999
Janet Wilson is the President of Life, Education And Prosperity, Inc., a company dedicated to enriching the lives of others worldwide through personal and professional development. LEAP specializes in training individuals and entire companies to become successful in NetMarketing. For more information:
Janet Wilson