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Grow Wings With Me! - Dry Bones!
by Julie-Anne Wingate
This is what the Lord Says to those (dry) bones..."I will attach tendons to you and make flesh come upon you and cover you with skin. I will put breath in you and then you will come to life. Then you will know that I am the Lord. Ezekiel 37:4-6.

I have just had a dream. I dreamt of my little boy who died suddenly and tragically over thirty years ago. Over the years I have often had nightmares in which I see myself searching everywhere for him, only to find a pile of dried up little bones, or a dying, malnourished child as in those pictures of starving children from third world countries.

Tonight was different. Tonight I found him..alive!! He was so beautiful! Just as he had been when he was a toddler and even wearing some clothes I had made for him all those years ago. He snuggled in to me, and I cuddled him tightly for what seemed ages. I kissed him again and again, and gazed into his beautiful brown eyes. I felt so amazed and over-awed to have found him after all these years.

When I awoke I had the strangest sensation. Always before when I had dreamt of him I have been devastated when waking to find it only a dream. But tonight was different. I woke up with a sense of urgency, that this was no ordinary dream. I got up, made a cup of tea, and prayed that God would show me what it was all about. I felt elated and encouraged, delighted and renewed. No sadness or sense of loss. This was so unusual for me. It had never happened before.

Then I believe the meaning gradually came to me. God was showing me that a huge part of ME.. my enthusiasm and hope, my sense of purpose and direction and something which would endure past and beyond me.....had died when I had lost my precious little boy. In an earthly sense, he had become just dry bones covered by a cold headstone. I, too, had become like dry bones, dead, crumbly, and brittle on the inside. I had lost my passion for life, my love of living, my hopes and plans and dreams. Covered it all over with a cold exterior.something to show the world I was there, but no, not ME! Nothing like me!

I remembered the time six weeks ago when my spiritual advisor told me she believed God was going to put flesh on my bones, sinew and strength to my body. It all fell into place! God was renewing that true "me" again, giving me back my hope for the future, my dreams and unfulfilled goals. I feel so amazed that finally, after thirty years, when all my plans collapsed and my world tumbled down around me, that now, in God's time, he is giving me back my LIFE.

I was thinking of a dog that hides his bones to enjoy late, then forgets them, and they die off and shrivel up.

I thought of Jesus with the parable of the woman and the coin, which was eventually rediscovered and gave back to her something of value, a useable commodity which she needed...

It's like our hopes and passions. We so often lose them, or we haven't time to pursue them, or they are torn away from us. Our dreams and our goals and our future become like dead bones. They shrivel up and crumble away - perhaps fossilized in our minds. But God will, if we trust and wait for the right timing, renew us again..give them back "with muscle" or help us discover something else along life's pathway, which we find fulfilling and refreshing.

One day is as a thousand years and one thousand years is as one day. God WILL restore our vision; give us dreams and hopes again. He has promised, that as his Spirit hovers over our 'dry bones', they will be renewed. It is never too late.

Do you feel like all in life is lost, or that life has passed you by? Do you feel dead deep down to the bones? Allow the Holy Spirit to stay within you. He will do the miracle and restore your joy. Only God can 'flesh you out' again and bring meaning back into your life. He can grow those sinews and tendons of flexibility and strength like no one or nothing else in this world. God will even give you new skin - who needs a facelift??

"I will restore to you the joy of your salvation", is a promise from God. He has saved us so we can live! Only God can do it, though. Imperceptibly, as our body changes gradually when we have been exercising regularly and we develop new muscle power. Then one day we notice we can do something we couldn't some time back. We find strength we never had before! Let God do the same miracle in your mind, emotions and will. I've been waiting thirty years and I believe I now have been shown through a rather unusual dream, that God is doing that for me. I am springing to life again! WOW!

PRAYER: God of all things visible and invisible, the only wise God, we trust you as you build into us fresh 'muscle'. Restore us today, dear Lord, perhaps imperceptibly, and strengthen us with the joy and vision of days long lost. Bring back LIFE to us in ways we had thought were over. Give us new endeavors, bright hopes and a sense of exciting direction for the years ahead. Turn our mourning into dancing we pray. AMEN.

TODAY: Go for a long swim today, if you can, and give that body of yours a really good workout! As you exercise, think about all the strength building into your body, making you a stronger and fitter person. Then spend some time reflecting. Ask God's Spirit to penetrate into your deepest level...to your dead dreams, lost passions and broken pathways in life. If hurts and pain emerge as memories flood back, allow yourself to feel the anguish that emerges. It is only after the negatives are out, that positive forces can replace them. It is O.K.!! God is with you and will strengthen your inner soul. Dig up those dry bones!

� Julie-Anne Wingate

Reprint Permission Courtesy of Rowland Croucher

John Mark Ministries (8400+ articles)