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To Live is to Forgive

Oh Lord, bring peace to the bygone days
To see my child clearly, not through a haze.

To recall the days and years with gladness
Not dwell on that time with gloom and sadness.

To relearn each word like a new fresh scent
Not live in fear of what each statement meant.

To speak my peace and to take a stand
Not being vigilant of an open hand.

To listen to the voices of family so near
Not cover my ears to the words I so fear.

Dear Mother and Father, please take my hand
Tell me at last that you understand.

Smile at me, touch me, tell me you love me.
Accept and believe me, don't doubt and judge me.

Don't tell me I shouldn't, wouldn't, or can't
Nurture the seeds of freedom I plant.

Although you've gone to a calm, peaceful place
You've left me a lifetime of pain to erase.

The daughter you knew is now slowly leaving
Trying to release the worry and grieving.

To recapture youth through a new, happy child
To adulthood I'll travel, hoping paths will be mild.

Dear Mother and Father, you did what you could
You shared your upbringing, the bad and the good.

I now give myself the permission I deserve
To know and to love me, with no hidden reserve.

The hard work ahead is to build a new life
To give it my best as mother, sister and wife.

I'm no longer angry for what you didn't know
And so thankful to be learning to live and let go.
� Ann Winter