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Hurtful Words, Healing Wisdom

Verbal poison invades my serenity
Raising fear and anxiety
Sending me into a state of paralysis.

This violation of peace thrusts me back
To a time of submission and silence.

This thrust imprisons both mind and body
Disapproving, authoritative words of others
Evoke a sudden terror within.

Terror, understood only by those whose early life
Was shadowed by the threat of shame and guilt.

I am unable to express the intimidation
The humiliation felt when insensitive criticism
Or boastful orders are hurled my way.

I consciously remind myself, I am an adult
Responsible for my own beliefs, actions, and feelings
I don't have to take on those of others.

I am precious, a gift of the Spirit
Worthy of love and respect
My life has validation.

No longer do others' actions and words
Have to destroy my peace.
I can place boundaries around toxins
Whether persons or situations.

I can leave others
To face the consequences OF their own actions.

I am free to CHOOSE love, not fear
In my life.

And best of all,

I am free to love love, not fear
In my life.
� Ann Winter