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What the Caterpillar calls the end of the world, Spirit calls the butterfly....
adapted from Illusions by Richard Bach All of us experience fears, sadness, hard times, confusion and frustration. Through our struggles, we often long to feel loved, to belong and to feel connected. These difficult times bring us an opportunity to grow, and learn important life lessons. Each experience has something to teach us. The challenges offer us meaningful insights, "blessings in disguise", and a deeper connection to Spirit. The events in our lives teach us lessons of inner strength, wisdom, faith and love. Through the lessons, we have the opportunity to find the rewards of our greatest accomplishments, and our greatest gifts.

It is important to have a sense of acceptance and surrender to the grander, wiser scheme of how life unfolds. This viewpoint can bring us new comfort and understanding. The lessons may never be clear to us. However, our lives can still be positively affected by our challenges in ways we don't always understand. This journey of lessons gives us the opportunity to connect more deeply to our own hearts, to other people, and to a deeper spiritual richness.

The following are possible lessons = "blessings in disguise" - that may be learned:

  • Becoming self- sufficient, courageous, confident
  • Increasing faith, empathy, spiritual connection
  • Recognizing and listening to intuition
  • Understanding ourselves better, finding wisdom and beauty within
  • Developing stronger bonds of friendship or family, finding new resources
  • Realizing that we are not alone, finding inner strength
  • Experiencing self-empowerment by helping self and others

  • I am thankful for loving, supportive guidance through my pain and struggles.
  • I am grateful for the strength and wisdom to face my challenges.
What lessons might I be learning now? What am I learning through the tough times? What wisdom or insights have I noticed? How might I feel in the future on the "other side" of these challenging situations?

What points of view will support me and help me to feel more peaceful as I go through the difficult times?

� Terry Zick
Butterfly Blessing